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Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Induction/Clear Credential program must meet and maintain the following requirements during their program. 

  1. GPA Requirement
    Students must receive a grade of “B” or higher in all program courses.
  2. Main Full-Time Teacher Status
    Induction students must be full-time teaching at a California-based school — public, private, non-public or charter. Full-time teaching for credentialing purposes is defined as an average of four hours per day (20 hours per week) with a minimum of five hours per week being with the same group of students throughout the semester. Induction students must be in charge of instructional design and assessment of their classroom students.
  3. Induction Early Completion Proof
    For early completion option only — Students must have at least three years of documentable teaching experience as teacher of record, have positive administrator recommendations, and have an extensive record of professional development in various sections of the CSTP.
  4. Clear Credential Candidate Information Form
    Students must complete the Clear Credential Candidate Information Form.
  5. Apply for California Clear Credential
    Once students have passed induction courses with a “B-” or higher, they must apply through the School of Education in order to be formally recommended for their clear credential. Students must complete the following steps:
    1. Complete final Clear Credential Candidate (CCC) Survey
    2. Meet with a Biola credential analyst
      • Make an appointment with a credential analyst in the School of Education by calling (562) 903-4843.
      • Pay application processing fee (check payable to Biola University).
      • Bring the following documents:
        1. Approved Induction Progress Monitoring Document
        2. Approved Evidence of Growth Chart
        3. Approved Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
      • Additional documents may be required as indicated on the CCC’s California preliminary credential.
    3. Pay online application fee to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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