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Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction program must meet and maintain the following requirements during their program. 

  1. Applying for Institution-Sponsored Curriculum and Instruction Certificate
    Students who have passed four of the five Curriculum and Instruction courses (12 credits) eligible for the Curriculum and Instruction Certificate with a grade of "B" or higher can apply for the certificate which can be requested by filling out the Curriculum and Instruction Certificate Request Form.
  2. Embedding certificate coursework into a master’s degree
    Students can embed their Curriculum and Instruction Certificate courses passed with a “B” or higher into a master’s degree by submitting a Change of Program Request for the Master of Science in Curriculum, Instruction and Publication; Masters of Arts in Teaching, Curriculum and Instruction; or Masters of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction. Upon approval, students will need to complete the remaining master’s degree courses.

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