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Faculty and Staff

Dean, Crowell School of Business
Associate Professor of Management
Kayley Allen
MBA Program Coordinator
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Crowell School of Business
Associate Professor of Accounting
Academic Advisor
MBA Recruiter
Adjunct, Business
Associate Professor of Finance
Miki Gao
Administrative Assistant
Associate Professor of Marketing
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Everett Hendrickson
Assistant Professor, Accounting
Adjunct Faculty
Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Marketing
Lillian Minar
Crowell School of Business Executive Assistant
Assistant Professor of Leadership and Ethics
MBA Chair, Crowell School of Business
Adjunct Faculty
MPAcc Coordinator
Senior Advisor to the President for University Mission
Professor of International Business
Director, Talbot Kyiv Extension
Associate Professor of Management
Assistant Dean for Administration, Adjunct Faculty
Online Program Coordinator
Associate Professor, Business
Associate Professor of Law, Ethics and Human Resource Management
MPAcc Director
Adjunct Faculty
Senior Research Analyst