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  • Ph.D., Organizational Leadership (Concentration in Human Resource Development), Regent University
  • M.A., Organizational Leadership, Biola University
  • B.A., Economics, University of California, Los Angeles


Dr. Jake Aguas has held leadership positions with a Fortune 100 company and one of the country's top-polling firms. He was a leader in the retail bank division of JPMorgan Chase for 15 years, notably serving as its Human Resource Manager for Talent Acquisition for the Western United States. He currently serves as a principal consultant to one of Canada's premier leadership development organizations and oversees the training and facilitation throughout North America. Dr. Aguas’ research has been featured in the Washington Post, KNX Radio, and numerous research and professional journals such as the Global Journal of Management.

Dr. Aguas Jake has authored two books: Megatrends: The Transformative Forces Reshaping the United States and Generation Z and COVID-19 Crisis, both of which have been adopted by numerous universities and organizations. Jake speaks regularly on generational differences in the workplace, leadership, productive conflict, and emotional, social, and cultural intelligence.

Dr. Aguas co-led an international study tour to Beijing and Shanghai, China and Hong Kong, instructing on culture, behavior, and economics in modern China, and currently teaches a component of the high-profile course on Taylor Swift at UC Berkeley featured on CBS News and NFL broadcasts. Dr. Aguas consults internationally, helping leaders build stronger organizations through their people and processes. He specializes in leadership development and strategy, team building, training and development, coaching, and the design and implementation of global human resource management functions.

Dr. Aguas earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from UCLA, a Master of Arts degree in organizational leadership from Biola University, and a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Human Resources from Regent University.



  • Aguas, J. (2023). Megatrends: The Transformative Forces Reshaping the United States (2 nd ed). Kendall-Hunt Publishing.
  • Aguas, J., & Prater, M. (2022). Generation Z and the COVID-19 Crisis. Kendall-Hunt Publishing.

Research and Professional Journal Publications

  • Aguas, M. J. (2024). A Phenomenological Study of Leadership Preferences and Aspirations, Mental and Physical Wellbeing, and Diversity of Adult Working Members of Generation Z [Doctoral Dissertation, Regent University].
  • Xavier, W. G., & Aguas, M. J., Gambridge, C. (2023, August). Pedagogical and Andragogical Approaches to Distance Learning: Evidence from Quality Matters Review Standards [Paper Presentation, Annual Proceedings]. The 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.
  • Aguas, M. J. (2021). A Pathway Towards Cultural Intelligence. The Global Journal of Management, Spring, 34-52.
  • Aguas, M. J. (2021). Generation Z and the Mental Health Crisis. The Global Journal of Management, Spring, 53-76.
  • Aguas, M. J. (2021). The Distinctives of the Christian Scholar. Christian Business Academy Review, 16, 85-89.
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  • Mgrdichian, L., & Aguas, M. J. (2020). The American Working Woman: A Century in Review. The Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership, 10(1), 167-200.
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  • Aguas, M. J. (2018, October). The Rise of Generation Z [Paper presentation]. The Christian Business Faculty Association Annual Conference, Chattanooga, TN.
  • Aguas, M. J. (2018). Emotional Intelligence in the Discourse of the Johannine Account. The Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership, 8(1), 51-70.
  • Aguas, M. J., & Cortez, R. (2008). Leadership Behaviors to Effectively Lead and Communicate with Multi-Generational Organizations [Master’s Thesis, Biola University].

    Manuscripts in Preparation

    • Aguas, J. (2024). An Examination of the Relationship between Servant Leadership and NEO Personality Dimensions among Generation Z and Millennials.
    • Aguas, J. (2024). Generation Z and the Learning Transfer Process: A Methodology to Teaching Emotional Intelligence to a Developing Generation.
    • Aguas, J. (2024). Organizational Theory and Metaphorical Structures in the Book of Acts.


      Undergraduate-level courses:

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      • Human Resource Management
      • Organizational Behavior
      • Capstone Course in Management

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      • Management Theory and Practice
      • The Innovative Leader
      • Leadership and Change
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