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Students speaking with an employer at a career expo

"Why Hire Biola"

Biola Graduates stand out. That’s because Biola offers students a robust academic foundation and a well-rounded education in an environment that emphasizes character.

Why Hire Biola


Biola graduates can make a difference in your organization. We are excited to partner with you to meet your recruiting needs whether you come to campus for our events and workshops or we bring Biola to you.

Hire a Biolan

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Biola has partnered with Handshake, a modern college recruiting platform to provide you with a one-stop-shop to meet your recruiting needs. 

To set up a Handshake account:

  1. Create an employer account on Handshake.
  2. Join your existing company on Handshake, or create a new one. Use your corporate email address if you have one
  3. Request to connect with Biola.  We will review your request within 1-2 business days
  4. You can view the details of this process, with screenshots, by checking out How to Create a User Account.
  5. To view details of how to post a job, watch How to Post a New Job.


Panel of speakers at career industry expo

Biola would love to host you on campus to connect with our students. If you want to connect with students beyond our Career Expos, consider visiting campus for the following opportunities.

  • Mock interviews
  • Industry Panels
  • Employer Office Hours
  • Workshops

Please email or contact one of our Career Specialists for scheduling.


Group of students at a company tour

Biola students are eager to learn about your organization and what skills are needed to succeed in your industry. Let us bring Biola to you by hosting our students for a day through a company tour or our Job Shadowing program.

Some of our past hosts have included:

  • Volcom
  • The Boring Company
  • Houzz
  • Taco Bell
  • Union Rescue Mission
  • and more!

Meet Our Team

Biola’s team of career specialists develop a diverse array of recruiting and employer engagement opportunities throughout the year. Each team member specializes in specific academic schools in order to connect employers more directly to their desired candidates.

Jasmyn Alvarez
Career Specialist
School of Business
Joshua Choi
Career Specialist
Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Intercultural Studies, and Theology
Ryan Dea
Career Specialist
Schools of Cinema and Media Arts, Fine Arts and Communications, and Psychology
Kelsey Jimenez
Career Specialist
School of Science, Technology, and Health

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As a private, Christian institution of higher learning, Biola University grants recruiting access to employers and organizations whose mission, policies, and practices are deemed consistent with the University's policies and standards. As such, the University's Office of Career Development may decline recruiting access to an employer or organization whose mission, policies or practices are deemed inconsistent with the University's policies and standards. In addition, the Office of Career Development reserves the right to decline recruiting access for any other reason which may be in the best interests of the University and its students.