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  • Thinking Biblically About Social Justice

    How to tell the difference between real justice and its 21st century counterfeits.

    Thaddeus Williams — 

    If we take the Bible seriously then we should all care about justice. God does not suggest, he commands that we “Do justice and righteousness, and...

  • A Time for Justice

    Four reasons why the church must lead the way in pursuing justice

    Eddie Byun — 

    My years of pastoring and teaching in South Korea took me down some unusual paths. It started out so “normal” in the early years of ministry —...

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    I began teaching Greek at Talbot in the fall of 1987. Part of teaching Greek grammar is in helping students understand the nuances of the Greek...

  • New Program Roundup: Summer 2021

    An introduction to the latest programs arriving this summer and fall.

    Eddie Byun, Brandon Cash, Dave Keehn, Gary Manning Jr — 

    Master of Divinity Now Offered Fully Online Talbot School of Theology is launching its widely respected Master of Divinity in a fully online...

  • Back to Biola's Future

    A New Fully Online Bachelor's Degree in Bible, Theology and Apologetics

    James Petitfils — 

    The Bible Institute of Los Angeles was founded on a bright and beautiful (75 degree) February day with a bright and beautiful vision for the...

  • Faculty Profile: Summer 2021

    Uche Anizor (Associate Professor of Theology)

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    Uche Anizor is a theologian who teaches a variety of courses in systematic and historical theology to undergraduate students. His current...

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    Understanding FaithFormation: Theological, Congregational, and Global Dimensions Jonathan Kim, Co-Author Associate Professor of Christian...

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    Conforming faith represents the third stage of evangelical faith formation. This stage represents the equipping phase of Christian discipleship....

  • Ben Shin — 

    I first met Steve Bang Lee and his wife Angela at a new student reception for Talbot in 2008. They were dating at the time. As my wife and I sat...

  • Best of the Blog: Summer 2021

    New Dead Sea Scroll Discovery: A Closer Look

    Gary Manning Jr — 

    You may have seen one of the many articles about some new fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) that were recently discovered. Fascinating stuff!...

  • Rick Langer — 

    We live in what communication scholars call the “argument culture.” It’s a world where we refuse to listen to one another, demonize each other’s...

  • The Church is Your Family

    Why Genuine Christian Community is Essential.

    Joe Hellerman — 

    Folks at church often ask me what I do at Talbot School of Theology. My response usually goes something like this: “Well, I’m paid to teach Greek....

  • From the Dean: Fall 2020

    Letter from the Dean of Talbot School of Theology.

    Clinton E. Arnold — 

    I am grateful that my earliest discipleship as a new believer was in a church that understood itself as a family. Being together and doing life...

  • Faculty Retirement Tributes: Fall 2020

    Talbot School of Theology thanks faculty for their many years of faithful service.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    John Hutchison, 32 Years of Service John Hutchison gave exemplary service to Biola University and the broader Christian community in a number of...

  • The Chosen: Bringing Scripture to the Screen

    Talbot Professor consults on The Chosen, a groundbreaking series on the life of Christ.

    David Merrill — 

    Talbot’s very own Doug Huffman has been working as a consultant along with a Roman Catholic Priest and Messianic Jewish Rabbi on a new critically...

  • Matthew Williams — 

    About six years ago, Talbot created an innovative program that gives students an accelerated path into ministry — allowing them to earn a...

  • Faculty Profile: Joanne Jung

    Associate Dean of Talbot School of Theology.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Joanne Jung is Talbot’s associate dean of online education and faculty development, and a professor of biblical and theological studies. Her...

  • Shelf Life: Fall 2020

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot faculty.

    Kenneth Berding, Rick Langer, Karen Quek, Karin Stetina — 

    How to Live an 'In Christ' Life: 100 Devotional Readings on Union with Christ Ken Berding(M.A. ’96) Professor of New Testament Christian Focus,...

  • Kenneth Berding — 

    “Excuse me, where’s the canyon?” This may be the most embarrassing question I have ever asked. I had been serving as a student leader at a camp for...

  • Best of the Blog: Fall 2020

    Should We Take Communion Remotely?

    Uche Anizor, Darian Lockett, Charlie Trimm — 

    While seminary graduates frequently express gratitude for their education, most also have a list of items colloquially entitled “Things Seminary...

  • The Lasting Legacy of the Jesus People

    How an Unlikely, Countercultural Movement went Mainstream

    Andrew MacDonald, Ed Stetzer — 

    The late 1960s marked one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. Anti-war protests reached a fever pitch culminating in a near...

  • The Jesus People Movement: 50-plus Years Later

    How the Holy Spirit’s Work Then Can Give Us Hope for the Future

    Oscar Merlo — 

    Six decades ago, America was experiencing a moral and spiritual decadency similar to the condition of our times. However, in Southern California,...

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    I became a Christian in 1970 at the height of the Jesus People Movement. But my conversion — at the same time as my mother and stepfather — was in...

  • Biola University Goes Online in Response to Global Pandemic

    All Biola classes are delivered remotely in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19

    Joanna Wu — 

    COVID-19 made a widespread impact this spring, changing the day-to-day life for so many — globally and nationally — and personally affected Biola...

  • From Set Design to God’s Design

    Becket Cook (M.A. ’17), a former Hollywood set designer, writes a memoir about his transformation by the gospel

    Joanna Wu — 

    Becket Cook was living a glamorous life in L.A. as a set designer, regularly mingling with well-known celebrities, attending VIP parties in...