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  • Faculty Retirement Tributes: Fall 2020

    Talbot School of Theology thanks faculty for their many years of faithful service.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    John Hutchison, 32 Years of Service John Hutchison gave exemplary service to Biola University and the broader Christian community in a number of...

  • The Chosen: Bringing Scripture to the Screen

    Talbot Professor consults on The Chosen, a groundbreaking series on the life of Christ.

    David Merrill — 

    Talbot’s very own Doug Huffman has been working as a consultant along with a Roman Catholic Priest and Messianic Jewish Rabbi on a new critically...

  • Matthew Williams — 

    About six years ago, Talbot created an innovative program that gives students an accelerated path into ministry — allowing them to earn a...

  • Faculty Profile: Joanne Jung

    Associate Dean of Talbot School of Theology.

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Joanne Jung is Talbot’s associate dean of online education and faculty development, and a professor of biblical and theological studies. Her...

  • Shelf Life: Fall 2020

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot faculty.

    Kenneth Berding, Rick Langer, Karen Quek, Karin Stetina — 

    How to Live an 'In Christ' Life: 100 Devotional Readings on Union with Christ Ken Berding(M.A. ’96) Professor of New Testament Christian Focus,...

  • Kenneth Berding — 

    “Excuse me, where’s the canyon?” This may be the most embarrassing question I have ever asked. I had been serving as a student leader at a camp for...

  • Best of the Blog: Fall 2020

    Should We Take Communion Remotely?

    Uche Anizor, Darian Lockett, Charlie Trimm — 

    While seminary graduates frequently express gratitude for their education, most also have a list of items colloquially entitled “Things Seminary...

  • The Lasting Legacy of the Jesus People

    How an Unlikely, Countercultural Movement went Mainstream

    Andrew MacDonald, Ed Stetzer — 

    The late 1960s marked one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. Anti-war protests reached a fever pitch culminating in a near...

  • The Jesus People Movement: 50-plus Years Later

    How the Holy Spirit’s Work Then Can Give Us Hope for the Future

    Oscar Merlo — 

    Six decades ago, America was experiencing a moral and spiritual decadency similar to the condition of our times. However, in Southern California,...

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    I became a Christian in 1970 at the height of the Jesus People Movement. But my conversion — at the same time as my mother and stepfather — was in...

  • Biola University Goes Online in Response to Global Pandemic

    All Biola classes are delivered remotely in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19

    Joanna Wu — 

    COVID-19 made a widespread impact this spring, changing the day-to-day life for so many — globally and nationally — and personally affected Biola...

  • From Set Design to God’s Design

    Becket Cook (M.A. ’17), a former Hollywood set designer, writes a memoir about his transformation by the gospel

    Joanna Wu — 

    Becket Cook was living a glamorous life in L.A. as a set designer, regularly mingling with well-known celebrities, attending VIP parties in...

  • Are You on BiolaHub Yet?

    Biola launches new online network for mentoring, finding jobs and connecting with fellow alumni

    Jason Newell — 

    From Jakarta to Germany, from Seattle to Seoul, Biolans around the world are discovering an innovative new service that promises to make it better...

  • Talbot Adds New Track to Master’s in Christian Ministry and Leadership

    New concentration gives students greater flexibility for their area of ministry

    Brandon Cash — 

    This fall, Talbot will be offering a new concentration under the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership (MACML). Named after the...

  • Spiritual Formation Professor Wins Annual Book and Research Award

    Professor Steve Porter recognized for his article on the late Dallas Willard

    Daniel Kim — 

    Talbot professor Steve Porter (’92, M.A. ’95) was selected as the 2019 co-winner of the Dallas Willard Research Center’s annual book and research...

  • Faculty Profile: David Merrill

    Assistant Professor of Spiritual Theology

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    David Merrill (M.Div. ’10, Th.M. ’12) has been teaching spiritual formation for Talbot’s Spiritual Formation Core (SFC) for the past two years and...

  • Best of the Blog

    A Cancer Patient Looks at Psalm 23

    Kenneth Way — 

    Psalm 23 is not exactly about shepherds or sheep. It is a royal psalm about King YHWH and his covenant relationship with the Davidic king, and it...

  • Book Excerpt: What is the Rest that God Promises to His People?

    Excerpt from ‘Rest in Mesopotamian and Israelite Literature’ by Daniel E. Kim

    Daniel Kim — 

    People seek peace and prosperity, refreshment and flourishing. Perhaps the relentless search for rest comes from the human condition, or maybe it...

  • Shelf Life

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot faculty.

    Michelle Barnewall, Daniel Kim, Darian Lockett, Kevin Van Lant — 

    Surprised by the Parables: Growing in Grace through the Stories of Jesus Michelle Lee-Barnewall (M.A. ’93) Associate Professor of New Testament...

  • What Every Pastor Needs to Know About Mental Health and the Church

    With increasing rates of mental health issues and suicides in America, how can pastors and ministry leaders respond to this crisis in the church?

    Kevin Van Lant — 

    Current statistics by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggest that nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with some form of mental illness...

  • Mental Health in the Church

    Interview with Sunny Song, Talbot Professor and Clinical Psychologist

    Sunny Song — 

    The mental health crisis in the U.S. impacts all of us, including the church, so how can ministry workers be prepared to meet people’s mental...

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    The rise in mental health issues in recent years has become a well-documented point of concern, especially among students on our nation’s...

  • The Good Book Blog — 

    There has been a recent revitalization of systematic theology among evangelicals. Whereas evangelicals had not been known for their academic...

  • Fred Sanders — 

    Talbot School of Theology will host the eighth annual Los Angeles Theology Conference (LATC) in January 2020. LATC is an academic conference that...

  • Joel Elies — 

    In the spring of 2021, Talbot will be launching a new Doctor of Ministry track in African American Leadership. This innovative doctoral program...