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Category: Summer 2021 Issue

  • Thinking Biblically About Social Justice

    How to tell the difference between real justice and its 21st century counterfeits.

    Thaddeus Williams — 

    If we take the Bible seriously then we should all care about justice. God does not suggest, he commands that we “Do justice and righteousness, and...

  • A Time for Justice

    Four reasons why the church must lead the way in pursuing justice

    Eddie Byun — 

    My years of pastoring and teaching in South Korea took me down some unusual paths. It started out so “normal” in the early years of ministry —...

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    I began teaching Greek at Talbot in the fall of 1987. Part of teaching Greek grammar is in helping students understand the nuances of the Greek...

  • New Program Roundup: Summer 2021

    An introduction to the latest programs arriving this summer and fall.

    Eddie Byun, Brandon Cash, Dave Keehn, Gary Manning Jr — 

    Master of Divinity Now Offered Fully Online Talbot School of Theology is launching its widely respected Master of Divinity in a fully online...

  • Back to Biola's Future

    A New Fully Online Bachelor's Degree in Bible, Theology and Apologetics

    James Petitfils — 

    The Bible Institute of Los Angeles was founded on a bright and beautiful (75 degree) February day with a bright and beautiful vision for the...

  • Faculty Profile: Summer 2021

    Uche Anizor (Associate Professor of Theology)

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    Uche Anizor is a theologian who teaches a variety of courses in systematic and historical theology to undergraduate students. His current...

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    Understanding FaithFormation: Theological, Congregational, and Global Dimensions Jonathan Kim, Co-Author Associate Professor of Christian...

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    Conforming faith represents the third stage of evangelical faith formation. This stage represents the equipping phase of Christian discipleship....

  • Ben Shin — 

    I first met Steve Bang Lee and his wife Angela at a new student reception for Talbot in 2008. They were dating at the time. As my wife and I sat...

  • Best of the Blog: Summer 2021

    New Dead Sea Scroll Discovery: A Closer Look

    Gary Manning Jr — 

    You may have seen one of the many articles about some new fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) that were recently discovered. Fascinating stuff!...