Master of Divinity Now Offered Fully Online
Talbot School of Theology is launching its widely respected Master of Divinity in a fully online format. Starting in Summer 2021, students entering two of our M.Div concentrations (Pastoral and General Ministries, Missions and Intercultural Studies) will be able to pursue their degree from just about anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The online M.Div will be as rigorous and practical as our in-person M.Div. Students in the online M.Div program will be able to keep involved in ministry wherever they live while pursuing robust theological education and ministry training at Talbot.

As with our in-person M.Div., the online M.Div. aims for full-orbed ministry preparation. Students learn to think theologically in systematic and historical Theology courses. They develop in their ability to interpret Scripture faithfully in our Old Testament and New Testament tracks, which include Greek, Hebrew and exegesis courses. They learn to preach, lead the church and advance the gospel in our Christian ministry and leadership classes. And they grow spiritually throughout the whole M.Div. program, but especially in our Spiritual Formation Core classes. Throughout the M.Div. program, students experience personal interaction and mentoring from Talbot professors who help prepare them for ministry.

- Gary Manning Jr.

Doctor of Ministry, African American Ministry Track
In our rapidly changing culture, urban ministry leaders have a unique opportunity to be a voice of hope, healing, justice, wisdom, redemption, and reconciliation to the broader church at large. The urban church in America has incredible potential to have a powerful transformative effect in rebuilding and renewing divided communities. Where can you find the mentoring and training you need to be a catalyst of transformation and reconciliation in your community? Talbot can help.

In this Doctor of Ministry track, Faculty Mentor, Dr. Parnell M. Lovelace, Jr., and guest mentor Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer will equip you with the tools and knowledge you will need to expand your ministry and influence in the urban church and beyond. Through an exploration of the biblical foundations, historical dimensions, socio-economic realities, cultural influences and missiological principles unique to the urban ministry experience, you will develop the skills to critically evaluate models of ministry and to develop intentional innovative practices to lead your church to accomplish its overall mission in your specific cultural context.

- Eddie Byun

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership
Not everyone is called to be a teaching pastor. However, every Christian is called to ministry. Whether you’re in business, on a church staff, a volunteer or work at a nonprofit, you are in ministry. The question is, how can you best serve the Lord in your ministry? Talbot wants to help you answer that question.

Our new Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership is designed to equip you with the tools you need to understand and apply God’s truth to whatever area of ministry God has called you. In addition to Talbot’s core classes (18 units of Bible, Theology and Spiritual Formation), you can select courses from a variety of specialties, including leadership, ministry skills, missions,

apologetics, intercultural studies and more. The program is flexible, offers both residential and online courses, and includes mentoring from Talbot’s top-notch faculty, and it would be our privilege to equip you to serve Him.

- Brandon Cash

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership (4+1 Program)
Talbot’s accelerated master’s program has a new option in M.A. in Christian Ministry and Leadership (CML). This “4+1” program builds upon the undergraduate Bible, Theology and Ministry (BTM) major with a concentration in Christian Ministries, and allows undergrad Biola students majoring in ministry to earn a master’s degree in one additional year. The undergrad foundation a BTM student receives in studying God’s Word and applying biblical principles to ministry contexts prepares students to begin full time entry level vocational ministry positions in the church and parachurch ministries. A student who engages in the “4+1” CML program during their junior year will save significant tuition dollars and time by beginning master level classes during the senior year of college. The result will be students emerging from the immersive ministry internship with real-world tools in leadership development, counseling and strategic ministry formation ready to take on greater responsibilities for God’s kingdom work.

- Dave Keehn