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  • Faculty Profile: Scott Rae

    Professor of Christian Ethics

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    Scott Rae, professor of Christian ethics and Talbot’s dean of faculty, was recently appointed at Biola University as the senior advisor to the...

  • Book Excerpt: Work & Calling in the Bible

    Excerpt adapted from ‘Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics,’ by Scott B. Rae

    Scott Rae — 

    The Bible not only has much to say about money and possessions, but it also addresses the subject of work in substantial detail. Work has intrinsic...

  • Shelf Life

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot faculty.

    Gary McIntosh, J P Moreland, Charlie Trimm, Michael Wilkins — 

    "Scientism and Secularism"; "Fighting for the King and the Gods"; "Building the Body"; "In His Image"

  • Alumni Profile

    Talbot Student Presents Paper at Philosophical Gathering — on Video Games

    Joanna Wu — 

    Daniel Vargas Jr. (M.A. ’18) argues how video games can be used for moral formation

  • Best of the Blog

    Getting Clear About Tolerance

    David Horner — 

    Tolerance has become the only absolute virtue in our society: Thou shalt be tolerant (and, of course, thou shalt not tolerate anyone who isn’t)....

  • Rejoicing in the Grace of God

    Talbot-Kyiv Extension Reaches the Slavic World

    Mark Saucy — 

    The Talbot-Kyiv Extension celebrates more than a decade of ministry in Ukraine, providing theological training to leaders and scholars in the church of Eurasia.

  • Eric Oldenburg — 

    Hear from students and alumni of the Talbot-Kyiv extension.

  • The Purpose in Our Everyday Strains & Pains

    How Luther’s theology of the cross helps us see God at work in our suffering

    John McKinley — 

    Sanctification is a difficult doctrine. One complication is the way the Bible talks about sanctification both as an accomplished status, calling Christians saints who have been sanctified, and how sanctification is an ongoing, lifelong process of God’s work on the Christian.

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    Talbot has two extension centers — one in New York and one in Eastern Europe. Both are strategically located for significant missional impact. And both are unique in their contextual focus.

  • Podcasting Professors

    Talbot Professors Explore Faith and & Culture on ‘Think Biblically’ Podcast

    Joanna Wu — 

    Race, poverty, the LGBTQ community, theistic evolution, student culture today and church as a family — these are just some of the topics on Talbot’s new podcast, “Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith and Culture.”

  • Extension in N.Y. Celebrates 10th Anniversary

    The Feinberg Center in Brooklyn Offers Seminary Training in Messianic Jewish Studies

    Gregory Hagg — 

    The Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies is celebrating 10 years of training Jewish and Gentile believers for Jewish ministry.

  • Lori Mann — 

    Biola’s Christian apologetics programs — including the Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics, widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost apologetics programs, and the Master of Arts in Science and Religion — have officially joined Talbot School of Theology.

  • James Hampson — 

    In recent years, Talbot’s administration, faculty and staff have been working hard on a new initiative to offer more flexible, streamlined programs to help alleviate some of the pressures students face, such as finances, time and distance.

  • Faculty Profile: Michelle Lee-Barnewall

    Talbot Professor with a Specialty in New Testament and Theology of Gender

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    Michelle Lee-Barnewall (M.A. ’93), associate professor of biblical and theological studies, has contributed widely to New Testament scholarship.

  • Book Excerpt: Facilitating and Supporting the Ministry of Your Associate Staff

    Except adapted from 'Supervising and Supporting Ministry Staff: A Guide to Thriving Together' by Kevin E. Lawson and Mick Boersma.

    Mick Boersma, Kevin Lawson — 

    What produces satisfaction for you in your ministry efforts? Is it seeing increased attendance, or increased giving, or receiving a lot of positive...

  • Shelf Life

    Recent publications from our very own Talbot faculty.

    Ed Curtis, Leon Harris, Joe Hellerman, Kyle Strobel — 

    "Jonathan Edwards;" "Why We Need the Church to Become More Like Jesus;" "Interpreting the Wisdom Books;" "The Holy Spirit as Communion"

  • What do Academia, Pop Culture and Television Production Have in Common?

    Malachy Williams (Ph.D. ’17), Talbot alumna, has a story to tell

    Lori Mann — 

    Whether it’s teaching Christian ministry courses at New York Theological Seminary, creating children's creative movement dance curriculum,...

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    See how the Kingdom of God is advancing through the personal and professional lives of Talbot alumni!

  • Best of the Blog

    Spiritual Adviser to the President

    Tom Finley — 

    Most of the news stories about the death of the Rev. Billy Graham highlight how he reached out to various U.S. presidents in times of crisis. He...

  • The Reformation at 500

    Three Marks of Protestant Identity

    Rob Price — 

    For all the variety of Protestantism, we share a core identity. This identity was discovered by Martin Luther in the space of a few short years, and proclaimed with such prophetic power, exegetical clarity and deep pastoral insight that people across Europe began to recognize and adopt this identity as their own. The Protestant movement was born.

  • Talbot Magazine Staff — 

    To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, sparked by Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses in the 16th century, dozens of today’s...

  • Streamlining Seminary

    Innovative New B.A. + M.A. Program Prepares Students to Enter Pastoral Ministry More Quickly

    Gary Manning Jr — 

    Several students have taken advantage of one of Talbot’s newest programs, an innovative combination of two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in biblical and theological studies with a concentration in preaching and pastoral ministry (B.A. PPM), and a master’s degree in Christian ministry and leadership with a specialization in preaching and pastoral ministry (M.A. PPM).

  • Clinton E. Arnold — 

    Martin Luther preached the Bible multiple times a week. He saw it as the power of God for salvation to everyone who puts their faith in Christ. And he saw preaching as the living voice of God to keep people from deceitful teaching and the errors of the day that would lead them away from the truth of the gospel.

  • Faculty Profile: Karin Stetina

    Newest Professor to Theology Department

    Jeanette Pifer — 

    After teaching theology and church history at Wheaton College for nearly 20 years, Karin Stetina began teaching in the undergraduate department...

  • Book Excerpt: Grounding the Character of Fatherhood in God's Self-Revelation

    Excerpt adapted from "The Fatherhood of God in John Calvin's Thought," by Karin Spiecker Stetina

    Karin Stetina — 

    “And because we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, promoting us to call out, ‘Abba, Father’” (Gal. 4:6). “I...