The Los Angeles Theology Conference will be meeting at Biola in March 2023. This annual conference, which has been running for 10 years, brings together an international group of academic theologians to consider a major topic in systematic theology. It is an academic conference with international participants, sponsored by Zondervan Academic, which also publishes the proceedings in book form afterwards.

This year's conference is on ecclesiology, the doctrine of the church. The plenary speakers are Millard Erickson, Jennifer Powell McNutt, Paul Nimmo, Natalie Carnes, and Tom Greggs. More than a dozen breakout speakers will also participate in the three-day conference. A popular feature of LATC is the exhibit hall, where a full array of publishers display books, and editors are available to talk with authors about projects.

Fred Sanders, professor in the Torrey Honors College, co-founded LATC in 2013 with Oliver Crisp, then of Fuller Theological Seminary but now at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Their goal has been to provide a venue for systematic theologians in the western region to gather, with a view to cultivating theological community.

“We’ve been thrilled to see theologians coming in every year not just from Southern California, but regular groups returning from Arizona, Washington, and beyond,” Sanders said. “Friendships have formed here, book deals and theological projects have been launched, and theologians have been encouraged in their vocation.”

The 2023 conference is March 15–17 on Biola's campus. For details, see the conference website at