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The Visiting Artist Lecture Series

This series is a vital component of the art program and connects Biola art majors with some of the most current developments occurring in the regional and international visual arts culture. Four evenings each semester a variety of professional artists, designers and educators visit the Biola campus giving presentations and critiquing advanced student work.

Past speakers include:

  • Bob Alderette, Painter, art department chair, University of Southern California
  • Lynn Aldrich, MFA, Sculpture
  • David Amieco, MFA, Painter, graduate faculty (Claremont Graduate University)
  • Thomas Bertling, BFA, Founder/owner, Thomasworks – Graphic and Product Designer
  • Kim Bockus, MFA, Photographer/performance artist
  • Jane Brucker, MFA Sculpture, MA Theology, faculty (Loyola Marymount University)
  • Kent Butler, MFA, Video/performance
  • Darleen Campbell, MFA, Painter, faculty (Southern Cal. Art Institute)
  • Anna Beth Cargill, MFA, Sculpture,/fiber artist
  • William Catlin, MFA, Ceramics/sculpture
  • Steve Childs, MFA, Photographer
  • Steve Comba, MFA, Curator/museum administrator (Pomona College Museum)
  • Dr. William Dryness, Theologian/art history
  • Brad Eberhard, MFA, Painter
  • John Frame, MFA, Sculpture
  • Kevin Hamilton, Video/performance/time-based arts, graduate faculty, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Kent Hammons, MFA, Painter, faculty, Fashion Institute of Los Angeles
  • Jennifer Hanen, MS – Web Designer
  • Leah Heimbach, MFA – sculpture, community arts advocate
  • Dr. Karen Klienfelder, Historian/curator, graduate faculty (CSU Long Beach)
  • Jim Morphesis, MFA, Painter
  • Melanie Paykos,BFA, Founder/owner, Paykos Design, Graphic Designer
  • Kyle Riedel, MFA, Photographer, graduate faculty, CSU Long Beach
  • Dr. James Romaine, Art historian, faculty, New York Center for Arts and Media Study
  • Dr. Daniel Seidell, Art historian, museum curator, University of Nebraska, Lincon.
  • Fran Siegel, MFA, Painter, graduate faculty (CSU Long Beach)
  • John Silvis,MFA, Photographer, faculty, New York Center for Arts and Media Study
  • Duncan Simcoe, MFA, painter
  • Carol Shaw Sutton, MFA – Sculpture/ installation, graduate faculty/chair (CSU Long Beach)
  • Kim Stringfellow, MFA, Web artist, photographer, faculty (San Diego State University)
  • Christina Valentine, MA, Art history/theory/art criticism/arts writer
  • Patty Wickman, MFA, Painter, graduate faculty, UCLA
  • Shari Wilson, MFA, Painter