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Studios and Facilities

A community of creatives

Together, let’s bring your artistic vision to life.

The Department of Art focuses on learning in the classroom, but also places tremendous value on community-based learning through time spent in studios and shared galleries. In fall 2021, Biola’s Department of Art will occupy a new facility that will enhance teaching and studio spaces for students. Our building — the newly renovated Bardwell Hall — will create opportunities for the arts to play a key role in university-wide conversation. The new studios, galleries, labs and more will also provide new disciplinary additions to the department that will expand out curricular scope.

An Innovative Home for the Arts

Bardwell Hall

Located right in the heart of our Southern California campus, Bardwell Hall is a renovated and reimagined space dedicated to the visual arts. This building, set to open fall 2021, will be the visionary new home for the Department of Art. From individual studio spaces and outdoor exhibition areas to computer labs and galleries, there is no shortage of ways for our students to engage with Biola’s vibrant art community.

Quick Facts

  • 1,100-square-foot student gallery
  • 40 individual student studio spaces
  • Outdoor art yard
  • Outdoor exhibition space
  • Rooftop terrace
  • 5 large studio spaces for painting, drawing, photo lighting/documentation, new media, and interdisciplinary art
  • 8 faculty/studio offices
  • 2 computer labs
  • Photo darkroom/lightroom
  • Critique spaces

Dedicated Studio Spaces

Bardwell Hall will house new studio spaces, 40 of which will be individual spots dedicated to students. Upperclassmen in particular are assigned personal studios as a space to develop their artmaking practice. We pride ourselves on our strong student studio culture, and encourage collaboration and community.

The Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery

Renovated and dedicated in 2013, the Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery is a hub for rotating contemporary art exhibitions on Biola University’s campus. Students in the Department of Art are able to use this space for key exhibition projects and can also visit the gallery to experience the wide array of work displayed within its walls.

Explore the Gallery