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The Department of Art is a vibrant visual arts community that offers a professional visual arts program with a rigorous curriculum that reflects a strong liberal arts emphasis and a solid Christian worldview. Our art professors are dedicated to mentoring our diverse student body and strive to create an academic and spiritual environment where students will become thriving servant-leaders who as artists and designers understand the complexity of the world in which they live. The Department of Art is committed to training well-equipped students with the aesthetic, technical, conceptual skills and the Christian worldview needed for professional success and impact.

Department Events

Library Art Exhibition —"NEXT"

Artwork by Local H.S. Students and Juried by the Biola Art Department

August 27 - December 22, 2018

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Department Members

Luke Aleckson
Associate Professor of Art
Daniel Chang
Associate Professor of Graphic Design
Dawn Hamby
Adjunct, Education
Zehavi Husser
Chair, Department of Art
Seth Johnson
Wood Shop Technician
Tina Linville

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