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AP, IB and CLEP Credit

AP, IB and CLEP Credit

Students may receive credit through recognized exams, including AP, IB and CLEP exams. Once your AP, IB, and CLEP exam scores are posted, you need to review the exam equivalency information sheets below to know what courses your exams will fulfill. Pay close attention to necessary exam score minimums on each sheet. 

How can I get my exams to officially count for courses at Biola? 

You need to request the examination organizations (such as the College Board for AP exams) to send an official copy of exam scores directly to Biola University. Once your official scores are processed, your fulfilled credits will post to your Degree Audit on My Account. Note: Processing time could take up to three weeks once exam scores are released. 

What if I am registered for a Biola course that my exam will fulfill (e.g. I’m registered for ENGL 112 but I passed an AP English exam with a 3 or higher)? 

Please drop the already fulfilled course (e.g. ENGL 112) on My Account and replace it with another course listed on your Degree Requirement Sheet. You will not receive credit for both your passed exam and the duplicate Biola course.

Does my major require any specific AP scores?

Some majors have minimum AP scores requirements. Please read the Advanced Placement (AP) Information page thoroughly for information on major-specific AP scores. 

Questions regarding exam evaluations should be addressed to the Office of the Registrar at

Science Majors (Freshmen and Transfers)

To learn more about our science-related majors, consider attending Science, Technology and Health Advising Day on Friday, May 17 or Saturday May 18. For more details of the event, see the event page.

    I want to make a change to my schedule, but a lot of the classes are full. What should I do?

    Don't panic! Several core (Bible and General Education) courses are currently full due to incoming student registration. If there are no open seats in a course you want to add, we encourage you to join a waitlist before dropping any courses you are registered for. The Advising Center cannot re-add you to any classes that you have dropped. If you become wait-listed for any course, check your Biola email daily until you receive a notification that a seat in the class has opened. Also, check My Account often as seats tend to open up as summer progresses. If you feel we have registered you for a course that you don't need( due to AP or other transfer credit), please reply to this email so we can assist you.

    Do I have to take First Year Seminar (FYS)?

    It depends. FYS is required your first semester if you are a first-time freshmen with fewer than 12 transferable credits from a college (excluding AP, IB, dual credit, or CLEP). Transfer students with 12 or more transferable college credits earned after high school will have FYS waived.

    What if I am not placed in an english course my first semester?

    If you were not placed in an english course this semester, not a problem! You will have the opportunity to take english in the spring. Note: Students with AP, transfer credit, or Torrey Honors students are not required to take ENGL 112/ENGL 100.

    How many credits should I take?

    Full-time status is 12-18 credits. We recommend taking 14-16 for your first semester.

    How do I know what my transfer classes will fulfill?

    Once your official transcripts are processed, your transfer coursework will be posted to your Degree Audit on My Account. If a course transferred as a "General Elective" that you would like to have counted for a specific course, please fill out a substitution request during your first semester. **This form cannot be filled out prior to fall classes starting.