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Undeclared Support & Resources

Being Undeclared at Biola

Many students enter Biola without a declared major. In fact, 10% of the Class of 2020 had not yet declared their major upon entrance to Biola and 75% of students changed their major at least once during their time in college. Research shows that undeclared students often have multidisciplinary interests and have trouble choosing one route. 

All Undeclared students at Biola are assigned a professional Academic Advisor in the Advising Center, listed in Degree Audit, that will help guide them through the decision of declaring a major at Biola. Once students declare a major they will be reassigned to an advisor in their major area of study.

The Advising Center will help you:

  • Develop knowledge to make an informed decision to declare a major program by the end of your sophomore year.

  • Examine individual interests, values, and strengths as they connect to specific majors.

  • Utilize academic and career advising resources and co-curricular programs to support major and career exploration processes.

  • Understand how to use academic planning resources: Degree Audit (i.e. What-If Tool), Catalog page, Class Schedule, and Degree Planner.

  • Locate and learn how to fill out the major change form and major change policies (prerequisites, applications to certain majors, etc).

Undeclared Exploration Resources

How to Declare a Major in 3 Steps

  1. Explore all the majors offered at Biola on the admissions majors page and use this Major Exploration Worksheet, Major Exploration Checklist, and Major Maps for guidance.
  2. Check out the Biola catalog to see if the major you want to declare has an application process, audition, or classes that need to be taken beforehand. If so, use the Biola Directory to email or visit the major's department to get more information.
  3. Once you've decided on a major, declare it using the major/concentration change form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be my advisor?

As an undeclared student, you will be assigned to a professional academic advisor in the Advising Center.

Will being undeclared when I start delay my graduation?

We do not recommend the undeclared major for Torrey Honors students or students considering Nursing, Art, Business, or any Science major. Due to the number of units required by these programs, students who begin as Undeclared may need additional time to graduate.

What core/general education classes should I take?

Biola has four types of Bachelor's degrees (BA, BS, BM, and BFA) with different core curriculum requirements. Please reference the catalog for program-specific core requirements for the major(s) you are interested in.

Does Biola offer minors?

Biola has over 50 minor programs. Students choosing between two disciplines sometimes declare one as their major and the other as a minor. Look through the minors page! If you decide to declare a minor you can do so by submitting the minor change form.

Can I change my major more than once?

Students may change their major as many times as they wish but they should do their research, utilize many of the resources above, and meet an advisor before they make this change!

How long can I be undeclared?

Our office advises students to select their official major, at the latest, by the second semester of their second year to complete their degree within four years. Meet with an academic or faculty advisor for specific advice.

As an athlete is there anything different I need to do?

Yes! There are NCAA rules that affect your eligibility. Please meet with an advisor in the Advising Center if you are planning on changing your major.

As a student receiving military benefits/ aid, is there anything different I need to do?

Yes, please check in with the Military Benefits Specialist to discuss this further.