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Incoming Student Registration

Welcome, incoming students! The Advising Center’s role with incoming students is to register you into your first semester of courses.

Once you submit an enrollment deposit, incoming students can schedule a 30-minute virtual appointment to review your class schedule and cover advising-related questions. Appointments start in November 2022.

Learn more about the timeline and process of academic advising and registration by reviewing the information on this page.

Registration Timeline

Date Information
Nov 1
Nov 15

Nov 16

  • Virtual Advising begins (sign up in My Account starting Nov. 1). 
Dec 15
  • Down payment and enrollment tasks are due in My Account.

Complete Placement Exams

Most of Biola’s majors require placement exams. Please view our Placement Exam Website for information on which exams are necessary for your program and to complete your placement requirements.

Completing placement exams early ensures the accuracy of your schedule when your advisor registers you into your first-semester classes.

Biola offers placement in the following subjects:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Foreign Language
  3. Music
  4. Physics
  5. Writing

Access Your Course Schedule

  1. View your Registration Time Ticket

    What is a time ticket?

    Your time ticket represents the date and time you can view and edit your official course schedule. Your academic advisor registers you into classes based on your Registration Profile information.

    View more instructions on how to view your registration time ticket

    Your registration time ticket is located in the Spring 2023 Enrollment section on the My Account Tasks page.

  2. Access Your Course Schedule on My Account.

    How do I find my schedule?

    When your time ticket begins, review your classes on My Account under the "Review Course Schedule" task in the Spring 2023 Enrollment section.

    What will my schedule look like?

    Watch one of our academic advisors give you a quick tutorial on how to understand your course schedule.

  3. Make adjustments to your schedule, if needed.

    View more instructions on how to adjust your schedule

    This guide includes instructions for viewing and making adjustments to your course schedule. Students typically do not change their schedule, but may choose to change a class or time based on their preference.
  4. Meet with your Academic Advisor (virtually!)

    How to schedule an appointment

    Virtual appointments with your academic advisor begin on Tuesday, November 16. Register under the “Sign up for Virtual Advising” task on My Account.

    What will my academic advisor and I discuss?

    During your meeting, you will review your class schedule, major requirements, and any applicable transfer credit.

    How do I contact my academic advisor?

    If you have further questions about how to view or adjust your course schedule, please contact The Advising Center at 562-903-4782 or Our office is available for questions Mondays - Fridays from 9:00 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Review Registration Resources

After you view your course schedule, the Advising Center recommends that you review the following registration resources. This includes information about transfer courses.

  1. Review your Degree Audit

    What is a Degree Audit?

    Your Degree Audit is a custom checklist of all your courses (major, general education, Bible, or Torrey) and graduation requirements

    Understanding Degree Audit video

    Review this video for instructions on how to view and use your Degree Audit.

  2. View a sample graduation plan, known as a Course Sequence.

    See more instructions on how to view the Course Sequence

    Review the Course Sequence table to understand how many credits per semester are estimated for your major. The course sequence is only a generic guide, and oftentimes, courses can be adjusted to each student’s need or preference. In your first year, you will be invited to create your own customized semester-by-semester plan with your Academic Advisor.

  3. Check for Transfer Credit

    View more instructions on how to check for transfer credit

Contact Us

If you have general questions about how to view or adjust your course schedule, please contact The Advising Center at 562-903-4782 or Our office is available Monday through Fridays from 9:00 a.m.– 5 p.m.

You’ll also get the chance to meet with your academic advisor in the spring semester to choose your fall 2023 classes. Our advising team is excited to welcome you to Biola!