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Free Internet Bible Translation and Study Resources

Interested in further study? Explore these free Bible translation and Bible study resources recommended from our faculty at Talbot School of Theology.

Tyndale House’s STEPBible Study Software

In addition to morphologically tagged Greek and Hebrew texts linked to the standard lexicons (BDB for Hebrew and LSJ for Greek), STEP has hundreds of Bibles in scores of languages.

TLG. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

For advanced research in ancient texts. Current students, staff and faculty can access it through the Biola library. Click on “databases” and search for TLG. 

Loeb Classical Library

For advanced research in ancient texts. Current students, staff and faculty can access it through the Biola library. Click on “databases” and search for Loeb.


Perseus is an enormous archive of classical material hosted by Tufts University. Simply click a word and suggested parsing will open up in a new window, as well as links to various lexicons (Greek dictionaries). For the purposes of translating the NT, the most useful lexicon to select is “Middle Liddell.”

NET Bible

Includes the NET Bible, Greek and Hebrew texts, extensive NET translation notes and several other resources. has all sorts of basic, public-domain Bible-study resources, and can display 8 or 9 Greek texts in parallel, including SBL, Westcott & Hort, Nestle 1904, and the Textus Receptus.

For help with translation, parsing and lexical surveys:

Bible Web App

Greek New Testament Reader

Parallel Plus by

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Additional Resources from Biola University

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Christian Apologetics Events

Biola’s Christian Apologetics department regularly hosts popular conferences, lectures and weekend seminars — both on campus and through “On The Road” events across the country.


Biola LEARN is a collection of low-cost, not-for-credit video courses from Biola professors aimed at both individuals and small groups. The platform offers different courses on such topics as apologetics, personal finance, worship leading, classroom management and much more.


Biola’s YouTube channel — which has more than 80,500 subscribers and more than 16 million views — hosts hundreds of lectures, debates, discussions, interviews and chapels. The “playlists” tab is a particularly useful way for browsing video collections by topic.