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Journalism is a craft that continues to develop rapidly, adapting to our changing world. The methods we use to share information are constantly evolving. What hasn’t changed, however, is the fundamental journalistic principle of seeking truth — of doing the hard work of investigating, researching and crafting a story that can help impact the community around you and beyond.

The journalism education you’ll receive at Biola University will prepare you with the knowledge, skill and practice you need to excel in your chosen discipline. You’ll have the chance to explore how different cultures impact storytelling, how to capture attention with compelling visuals, and so much more. Your drive to seek truth, expose injustice and share meaningful stories will guide you as you make an impact in the world for Jesus Christ.

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Biola’s journalism program seeks to train you in past, present and future journalistic practices so you’re ready to evolve along with the media landscape.

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Your journalism education won’t be contained to the classroom. You'll gain internship and work experience in Southern California, one of the world's media capitals. You’ll have the chance to access our facilities and equipment (even as a freshman), and we have several student-run media organizations for you to join.

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