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Writing Placement Survey

Completing the Writing Placement Survey

Because there are several ways to meet the Biola Core/General Education writing requirement, incoming students submit a short survey to indicate how they plan to fulfill the requirement. If a student plans to enroll in ENGL 112 or ENGL 100 at Biola, they will submit a writing sample or eligible test scores. Otherwise, students who have already completed a writing class via transfer or test credit are still required to complete the form for the English Writing Program.

The following options meet the writing placement:

  1. Submit a writing sample to Biola for evaluation. The Biola English Writing Program will place you into either ENGL 100 or ENGL 112 (both courses fulfill the same graduation requirement).
    1. Your writing sample needs to be at least four pages in word document or PDF format.

    2. You may include up to two essays, research projects, or creative works written for previous academic assignments.

  2. Opt into ENGL 100. See below for details about the differences between ENGL 100 and ENGL 112 before opting into ENGL 100.

  3. Transfer in an equivalent English writing course.

  4. Earn a score of 3 or higher on the AP Literature & Composition or AP Language & Composition exam.

  5. Pass IB Higher Level English A: Language and Literature (+ IB Diploma) with a grade of 5 or higher.

  6. Earn a 470 or higher on the critical reading section of the SAT or a 19 on the critical reading section of the ACT exam.

  7. Be confirmed into the Torrey Honors College or Accelerated Learning Placement (ALP) program.

Use the following form to confirm how you will meet the English Writing requirement and/or submit your writing samples for review. If you are submitting a writing sample, please have it ready before completing this form.

Complete Writing Placement

Writing/English Requirements at Biola

  • ENGL 100 and. ENGL 112 at Biola During your first year, in addition to major courses, you will be enrolled in “Biola Core” courses, which consist of general education and Bible courses. A first-year writing course (ENGL 100 or 112) is part of the Biola Core and is particularly significant to your academic success.
  • ENGL 100 – Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing with Studio: A writing course that meets four times a week, providing students more structured time with faculty, student mentors, and peer cohorts than a conventional course does. The extra weekly meetings allow students more in-class writing and revising practice.
  • ENGL 112- Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing I:A writing course that meets twice a week according to a conventional college-class schedule. This course, like ENGL 100, emphasizes writing and revision practice, with much of that practice completed independently, outside of class.

If you have any further questions about the differences between ENGL 100 and ENGL 112, contact

All freshmen and transfer students must submit information to the English Writing Program on how they plan to meet their Biola writing requirement.