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The Breath of God

A collaborative event intertwining art, music, and poetry in two locations, simultaneously.

Cost and Admission

This is a paid event.

$15.00General Public
subject to availability
$10.00Biola Faculty/Staff
subject to availability
$5.00Biola Student
Art and Music students can use their individual promo code to receive free admission. Subject to availability.
subject to availability

A collaborative event intertwining art, music, and poetry in two locations simultaneously.

"The Breath of God" is a collaborative event intertwining art, music, and poetry. The collaborators will be in direct conversation with one another, connecting creative practices through shared faith around a common theme - the breath of God that inspirits all life.

The performance will occupy the interior spaces of Crowell Recital Hall (Music Building) and the Bardwell Hall Project Space (Art building), allowing an exchange that resonates from one location to another, shifting the perspective of the piece from idea to embodiment and thus broadening conversation.

Collaborators include special guest artists, Biola Art faculty, and Biola Music faculty.

Location Information:

This event takes place in two venues simultaneously as the art is created in real-time in response to the music and poetry being performed. Tickets are granted by venue location. Please review the descriptions below and choose the venue you would most like to be in during the event. Tickets by venue are limited and subject to availability.

  • Crowell Recital Hall: This venue is where the music portions of the event will take place. The art space will be available to walk through immediately after the event's conclusion.
  • Bardwell Hall Project Space: This venue is where the art portions of the event will take place. You will be able to see a livestream of the concert and the creation of art in real-time. The art space is a walk-thru space that will be available to you throughout and immediately after the event. Seating and video projection will be available adjacent to the art space.

Please Note: There is no assigned seating for this event. Plan to arrive early and with your whole party to find the best available seat.

Doors Open at 7:30 PM.

Ticketing Information:

  • Art and Music Students: Tickets are free when you use the promo code provided to you via your Biola email address (subject to availability).
  • General Students: Tickets are available for $5 when you log in using your Biola account, no promo code required (subject to availability).
  • Faculty and Staff: Tickets are available at a discounted rate of $10, when you log in using your Biola account, no promo code required (subject to availability).
  • Alumni: discounted tickets are available to alumni when they log in before adding to cart (subject to availability)
  • General Public: Tickets are available to the general public for $15 (subject to availability).


Contact School of Fine Arts and Communication at:
562-944-0351 ext.5444

Part of the collection Conservatory of Music Concert Series