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Online Bachelor's FAQs

General Support

Do I have access to Biola’s in-person academic resources (e.g., Rhetoric & Writing Center, library, SEID)?

Yes, you do! Online Bachelor’s students have access to Biola’s campus and in-person resources. Many of our in-person resources also have online formats, so feel free to reach out and ask if there are opportunities to meet online for a Writing Center appointment, Pastoral Care meeting, and more!

Who is my Academic Advisor?

You will always be able to find the name and contact information of your current Academic Advisor on your Degree Audit tool. Visit our “Find My Advisor” instructions to learn more.

Who can I contact if I need technical support?

If you need assistance with navigating an academic-related platform like Canvas, Navigate, or our registration system, contact your Academic Advisor or Peer Academic Advisor.

If you need assistance with other Biola-related technical issues, you may contact our Information Technology (IT) Helpdesk (562-903-4740 or

Program and Online Format

What undergraduate degrees are offered fully online at Biola?

Biola is currently accepting applications for three fully online undergraduate degrees: Psychology, B.S., Bible, Theology, and Apologetics, B.S., and Business Management, B.S.

What does it mean that my degree is in “teach-out”?

When a degree is in teach-out, new student enrollment in that program ceases immediately. Students already enrolled in the program will still be able to complete their degree under the stipulations of the teach-out length. For more information, review our Teach-Out Policy from the academic catalog.

Can I declare a minor?

Yes! Online Bachelor’s students are permitted to declare the following minors related to our fully online programs: Psychology, Biblical and Theological Studies, and Business Administration. For more information, reach out to your Academic Advisor.

What will the workload for each course be?

A typical 3-credit undergraduate course may require around 7.5 hours per week or approximately 2.5 hours of substantive learning per 1 credit.

How long does each course last?

Classes are typically offered in an accelerated 7-week format, but some courses may be offered in a full-term 15-week format. For specific start and end dates, visit our Academic Calendar for the applicable academic year.

Can I change how many credits I take each semester?

Yes! You may choose to be a full-time student (12 credits per term) or a part-time student (below 12 credits per term) each semester. It is important to remain in close contact with your Academic Advisor as you determine what workload will be the best fit for you. It will also be critical to understand financial aid implications of switching between full-time and part-time. Please contact Financial Aid for more information (562-903-4742 or

What will professor and peer interaction look like?

Biola Online Bachelor’s programs are completely asynchronous. This means that course content will be in pre-recorded or written format, giving you the flexibility to complete your assigned content for each week at your convenience. With this modality, professor and peer interaction might look a few different ways. Professors may send emails/Canvas messages/video messages to check-in, leave comments on different assignments through Canvas, and offer “Office Hours” (appointment slots for professor-student meetings) for students to take advantage of.

Peer interaction will likely take place through online discussion boards or voice-recordings. The Advising Center desires to provide more opportunities for students to foster community outside of Canvas, so students should keep an eye out for communication regarding future events!

Registration and Graduation Planning

Why are my credits not transferring in?

You can confirm whether or not Biola received your transfer credits by checking your Degree Audit (a checklist of degree requirements.) Your Degree Audit can be found through MyAccount under the “Degree Planning” tab.

Transfer credits will only be applied to your Biola degree if we have received an official, final transcript for the colleges attended. If you do not see your credits transferred in, it might mean that your transcript is still being processed by the Admissions Team or your transcript was not official and/or final. If you would like to check on the status of your transcript, contact

How do I add or drop classes each semester?

In your first term at Biola, you will meet with your Academic Advisor to learn how to use Biola’s registration system. If you need assistance with adding and dropping courses afterwards, you may reach out to your Academic Advisor or the Peer Academic Advisor (

You may also visit the Registrar’s Registration & Enrollment FAQ page for related questions.

When am I going to graduate?

To learn more about how graduation planning works for Online Bachelor’s students, visit our Graduation Planning page.

How do I switch to an in-person program?

If you are interested in switching to an in-person program, we recommend connecting with your Academic Advisor first to discuss the implications. After this has been done, you will need to submit an application to become a Traditional Undergraduate student.

How do I switch to an online program?

If you are interested in switching from an in-person program into an online program, we recommend connecting with your Academic Advisor first to discuss the implications. After this has been done, you will need to submit an application to become an Online Bachelor’s student.