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Placement Options for CHEM 120 – Bio & Organic Chemistry

This page includes information on which majors require CHEM 120 – Bio & Organic Chemistry, how students prepare, test into, and register for the course, along with important placement exam deadlines.

Majors Requiring Chemistry 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry

The following majors are required to take CHEM 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry for their majors.

  • Allied Health*
  • Kinesiology Health and Human Performance*
  • Nursing

* Please note that Allied Health and Kinesiology: Health and Human Performance majors may take either CHEM 105 or CHEM 120 for their chemistry requirement.

Placement Options for CHEM 120 — Principles of Bio and Organic Chemistry

There are three ways to place into CHEM 120: Bio & Organic Chemistry. Complete the form below and the Chemistry, Physics, Engineering (CPE) department will send placement instructions to you based on your chosen path.

  • Path 1: Complete and Online Chemistry Placement Exam.The exam is via Canvas through a lockdown browser + webcam. Once you register for the exam, you will receive access within 1–3 business days on Canvas. You only have one attempt to take this exam.

  • Path 2: Complete an online Chemistry Tutorial. This 13-lesson tutorial via Canvas. This is a not-for-credit course. Cost $60. Register by July 1, 2023 and finish by August 15, 2023. Once the course is completed, you may register for CHEM 120. 

  • Path 3: Completion of CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry or equivalent transfer course with a C- or higher grade. Students may opt to take this introductory course during their first year at Biola.

Choose Chemistry Path

How to Register for CHEM 120 — Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry

Incoming Students

Incoming students are registered into their first semester courses by the Advising Center. If you finish a placement path before July 5, you will likely see the course reflected on your first-semester class schedule. If you complete the placement or tutorial after July 5, your advisor will send you an email with information about your schedule (typically within 1-3 business days of your completed placement). It may be possible that you will take CHEM 120 in your second semester based on the date of placement completion.

Current Students

Once a current student completes one of the placement paths, the CPE department will verify your placement and email instructions to your email for how to register for CHEM 120.

Study Materials

We’ve created a basic study guide to prepare for the online placement exam (via Canvas). We recommend reviewing this guide before taking the exam.

Study Guide for Chemistry 120 Placement Exam


Email the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Department any questions you may have, at Be sure to use your Biola email address!