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Chemistry 120 Placement Exam

Majors Requiring Chemistry 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry

The following majors are required to take CHEM 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry for their majors.

  • Kinesiology Health and Human Performance*
  • Nursing

* Kinesiology: Health and Human Performance majors may take CHEM 105 or CHEM 120 for their required chemistry course.

Chemistry Placement Options

If you are one of the above majors, you need to complete a chemistry placement before enrolling in CHEM 120. The placement can be met by passing an online exam, completing the chemistry tutorial or by taking CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry with a B- or higher.                   

March 1 – Aug 21Chemistry Placement Exam
May 17 – July 2Session A – Chemistry Tutorial (self-paced)
July 6 – Aug 21Session B – CHEM 107 (via Smart Start)
Session B – Chemistry Tutorial (self-paced)
  1. Online Placement Exam

    Students can register to take the online chemistry exam one time throughout the summer. Once you register for the exam, you will receive access within 1-2 business days on Canvas. It is strongly recommended to complete the online exam by May 13 (Session A) or July 1 (Session B).

    Register for an online exam 

    Note: No calculators are allowed for the online exam.

  2. Online Chemistry Tutorial (Session A and Session B)

    You may take a $60 online non-credit chemistry tutorial over the summer in Session A (May 17 - July 2) or Session B (July 6- August 21). The course consists of 13 self-paced lessons and quizzes on Canvas.

    Register for the tutorial

    Enrollment is open May 17 to July 6.

  3. Smart Start CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry (Session B)

    Smart Start CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry (Session B) is available as an online 8-week class through Biola’s Smart Start program during session B, July 6 - August 21, 2021. 

    Register via Smart Start

    A minimum grade of "B-" in CHEM 107 is required to register for CHEM 120.

Note: If you do not pass a placement exam or online tutorial, you are required to take CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry (a semester-long course).


Email the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Department any questions you may have, at Be sure to use your Biola email address!