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Chemistry 120 Placement Exam

Majors Requiring Chemistry 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry

The following majors are required to take CHEM 120: Principles of Bio & Organic Chemistry for their majors.

  • Kinesiology Health and Human Performance*
  • Nursing

* Kinesiology: Health and Human Performance majors may take CHEM 105 or CHEM 120 for their required chemistry course.

How to Enroll in CHEM 120 — Principles of Bio and Organic Chemistry

Nursing and select Kinesiology majors who plan to enroll in CHEM 120: Principles of Bio and Organic Chemistry at Biola a few ways to meet the registration prerequisite. Use the form below to indicate which path you intend to complete.

  • Path 1: Complete and Online Chemistry Placement Exam.The exam is via Canvas through a lockdown browser + webcam. Once you register for the exam, you will receive access within 1–3 business days on Canvas. You only have one attempt to take this exam. It is strongly recommended to finish by January 3, 2023.

  • Path 2: Completion of CHEM 107: Introduction to Chemistry or equivalent transfer course with a C or higher grade.

Choose Chemistry Path


Email the Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Department any questions you may have, at Be sure to use your Biola email address!