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In Defense of Truth

The Christian Scientific Society 2023 Meeting

Cost and Admission

This is a paid event.

$20.00Non-CSS Members
Free with ID
Must register online for link

The scientific enterprise has historically rested on the belief that objective truth can be found, or at least well approximated, with sufficient effort and care. The Christian world view also embraces this view. Yet in the past 100 years, our society has moved toward other views, which see this approach as a power play by Western European controlling classes. While these alternate approaches have mostly gotten traction in the social sciences and humanities, they are having increasing traction in the “hard” sciences, as seen, for example, at this link.

This meeting will examine both the concept of truth in general, as well as specific arguments on what is true in the scientific world.


All times in Pacific Time

Saturday, February 4th
8:30 a.m.Registration Opens 
Refreshments will be served
9:00Event Begins
9:00David Snoke: How did we get here? A brief overview of modernism, postmodernism, and post-post-modernism
9:30Q & A
9:40 Daniel HitchcockInterpreting Truth: Schemata, Paradigms, and Worldviews
10:30Q & A
10:40Mihretu Guta: Why Truth Matters in Scientific Pursuits
11:20Q & A
11:30Discussion and Lunch Break
See Biola eateries for hours
1:00 p.m.Richard Jones: Sometimes the Majority is Right: Evidence for the Big Bang
1:40Q & A
1:50Doug Axe: Sometimes the Majority is Wrong: Evidence for Intelligent Design
2:30Q & A
2:40Greg Shearer: Do Design Hypotheses Work as Guides for Scientific Inquiry? My Personal Experience
3:20Q & A
3:30Speaker Panel Discussion

Moderated by John Bloom

4:30  p.m.Event Ends


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