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Tactics with Greg Koukl

A Facebook Live Lecture with Q&A

Cost and Admission

This event is free to attend.

Are you tired of finding yourself flat-footed and intimidated in conversations about your faith and values? Want to increase your confidence and skill in discussions, no matter whom you’re talking to? Then Tactics is for you. Learn the techniques Greg Koukl has taught thousands of others that will put you in the driver’s seat in every exchange. You’ll learn specific skills to help you initiate conversations effortlessly, stop challengers in their tracks and turn the tables, graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking, present the truth clearly, cleverly and persuasively. Your conversations with friends can look more like diplomacy than warfare. And you will be stronger and better equipped to skillfully present your faith and the reasons why Jesus Christ is the answer.

Michael Strawsburg, our prospective student coordinator, will also provide information on Biola's Master of Arts, Christian Apologetics and Master of Arts, Science & Religion and assist with the open Q & A and raffle.

Please join us Thursday, November 29 at 12 p.m. PDT on the Biola Christian Apologetics Facebook page!


Contact Michael Strawsburg at:
(562) 906-4570

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