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As a Smart Start student, you can take fully online courses in our, Fall, Spring or Summer terms prior to your full time enrollment. Through Smart Start, you will get to regularly connect with your instructor and fellow Biola classmates, while earning college credit — at an exclusive, reduced rate.

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Admission to Biola is required to enroll in Smart Start classes. Here are some important next steps to get registered for Smart Start courses:

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No worries. Be sure you’re following all of our admissions steps for first-time college students or transfer students.

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  • First, check out our course listings below.
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Admissions Requirements

To enroll in Smart Start courses, you must be accepted to Biola University for the next upcoming Fall or Spring term and meet the admissions requirements of a first-time freshman or transfer student.

Important Note: You do not need to submit an enrollment deposit for prior to taking Smart Start courses. However, if you choose to enroll full-time at Biola for the Fall term, you will need to submit your enrollment deposit by May 1.

Smart Start Reduced Tuition

Smart Start tuition is $425 per/unit — $1,275 per/course, over 60% off our traditional semester tuition. Offered exclusively to you as an incoming student.

Regular semester tuition is $1,749 per/unit — $5,247 per/course.

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Dates and Terms

Semester Start Date End Date
Summer 2020 Session A May 11, 2020 June 27, 2020
Summer 2020 Session B July 6, 2020 August 22, 2020
Fall 2020 August 31, 2020 December 19, 2020
Spring 2021January 11, 2021May 8, 2021

Available Courses

Bible courses are built into the Torrey Honors Institute, and THI applicants do not need to take them.

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Course listing will be available soon.

Payment Information

Payments can be made directly via credit card through the student My Account page.

Please Note: Credit card payments are only accepted for Smart Start courses.

International Students or US Students living abroad, please visit our accounting page for payment steps.


How is Smart Start structured?

The online portion of this program will be completed entirely through Canvas, our online learning management system. You will have discussion groups, assignments due, communication with classmates and your professor, and more. You will need to have a webcam and Internet access on your computer in order to participate in the program. You will also be asked to log­ on at specific times (for video discussions, etc.).

Can I take two classes at once?

Due to the academic rigor of these accelerated college-level courses, we highly recommend that incoming freshmen just take one course per Spring or Summer Session. Transfer students are welcome to take up to two courses, but it is advised that they only do so if they are not working nor having other significant time commitments.

While we encourage you to consider this amazing opportunity, please keep in mind the intensity of these courses. Students in the past have recommended at least 3-6 hours of homework/study time per day be allowed per class. One student last year said,

“Going into the program, I heard that there were about 5 hours of homework a day, and I thought that number came from students who wanted to seem more studious than they really were, but it actually took me 6-7 hours a day to complete homework on time for the two classes I took. I would definitely advise students to be serious about the commitment that they are making in signing up for these courses.”

I am participating in the Torrey Honors Institute, am I eligible for this program?

The Bible courses offered in this program are not an option for students participating in the Torrey Honors Institute due to the alternative curriculum that is taken by those students.

How do I register?

To Register, please fill out the Course Registration Form. Please note the additional recommendations included within the course listing. Classes are available on a first-come, first-served basis and you will be contacted via email once the course registration process has been completed. In order to be eligible to participate, you must be an admitted first time or transfer student starting Biola in the next upcoming Spring or Fall term.  Course payments are due no later than the first day of class. Contact the Smart Start team for any additional registration questions.

These courses are not available to students residing in Alabama, Maryland or Arkansas.

What if I need to drop the class?

Students who drop the course before the 3rd day of class will have the class dropped from their academic transcript. Students who drop the class on or after the 3rd day will receive a "W" (withdrawal) on their academic transcript. Students who try to drop the course after the last day of class and students who do not show up or turn anything in will receive a "UW" (unofficial withdrawal) on their academic transcript. Please consult the full refund schedule for more details. If you have questions about this please contact us at

How should I acquire books for the class?

Most books are available through the Biola Campus Store or at Please note can take several weeks for the books to get to you so order them as early as possible before class — three weeks is recommended. Some books may also be available at your local library or Christian bookstore. Costs for books are not included in the price of the program.

Is financial aid available?

The Smart Start program is a unique program offered to new Biola students as a way to get a head start on their required courses. Financial aid packages are available for your full-time enrollment only. Smart Start is being offered at a discounted tuition rate and financial aid is generally not available for this program. Contact your Admissions Counselor for additional questions.

Is my enrollment deposit still refundable?

If you have chosen not to attend Biola for the upcoming school year, you will still have until May 1 to notify the Office of Admissions of your change in plans and to request a refund of your enrollment and/or housing deposit(s). Tuition refunds for Smart Start enrollment will still follow the main Refund Schedule.

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