Core Curriculum at Biola University

If you are a current student at Biola, and your answer is “No” to one or more of the following questions, you may benefit from a catalog change to 2018-2019. Before meeting with your advisor, read and understand the details below.

  1. Have you completed foreign language?
  2. Have you completed four credits of PE?
  3. Have you completed 8 (or more) credits of math and science?
  4. Are you a B.S. student who has not yet completed World Civilizations I or II?
  5. Are the requirements of your major different in the 2018-19 catalog than your current catalog?

TRANSFER STUDENTS: If you are a transfer student and completed CSU Breadth prior to enrolling at Biola, you may also benefit from changing to the 2018-19 catalog.

If you answered yes to the above questions, it is unlikely the 2018-19 catalog will benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Foreign Language requirement for a Bachelor of Arts student?

Students are required to complete up to 8 credits in the same language starting at the level into which they place. Students who completed four years of high school foreign language are only required to take 4 credits starting at the level into which they place. NOTE: There are no changes to the Foreign Language requirements for B.S., B.M. or B.F.A. students.

What is the new PE requirement?

The new catalog (2018-19) requires two, one-credit classes: Lifetime Wellness and Lifetime Activity. If you are a continuing student and completed two PE credits by Fall 2018, you are not required to take additional courses. If you have one activity credit, you will need to complete Lifetime Wellness. If you have no credits, you will need to complete Lifetime Wellness and Lifetime Activity.

What are the new Math and Science requirements?

The 2018-19 catalog requires 3 Core credits for Math and 3 Core credits for Science. The 2018-19 catalog eliminates the 2-credit Math/Science requirement. This change will most likely benefit B.A. students.

What is the new B.S. World Civilization requirement?

The 2018-19 catalog removes the World Civilization requirement for B.S. students.

What do I need to know about different course numbers?

Certain Core courses have changed their course numbers for the 2018-2019 catalog. The following course numbers have changed:

Pre-2018 Catalog Course Number 2018-2019 Catalog Course Number
BBST 105 BBST 165
BBST 109 BBST 209
BBST 110

BBST 210

BBST 254 BBST 354
HIST 207/208 HIST 100/101
HIST 108/109 HIST 200/201

Are there any changes to the Biblical and Theological Studies requirement?

BBST 365, a new integration course, is now one of the two required BBST electives.

What is the new Critical Thinking and Writing requirement?

ENGL 313, a new writing in the disciplines course, will replace the ENGL 113 requirement. If you are a continuing student and have already completed ENGL 113, this course can be substituted. However, if you have yet to complete ENGL 113, you will need to complete ENGL 313 if you change to the new 2018-19 catalog.

What is the change regarding CSU Breadth completion for transfer students?

Transfer students may fulfill their Core Curriculum (GE) requirements by completing CSU Breadth curriculum, with the following provisions:

  1. The current foreign language requirement for all Bachelor degrees cannot be completed by the CSU Breadth certification.
  2. The current English 313 (Writing in the Disciplines) requirement cannot be fulfilled by the CSU Breadth certification.
  3. The minimum of 120 credits for graduation will remain the same.
  4. In addition to the CSU Breadth certification, students must take all major-specific Core Curriculum (GE), prerequisite, and support courses if not met through CSU Breadth.
  5. Official documentation certifying CSU Breadth completion must be received by the Office of the Registrar by the graduation petition deadline (April 15 for Spring, November 15 for Fall) prior to receiving Commencement and/or Graduation clearance.

Please consult with the Advising Center if you have questions about CSU Breadth.

How do I change my catalog year?

Please see the catalog change page for information on changing your catalog year.

Consult with your faculty advisor or the Advising Center prior to making a catalog change.

Who should I talk to if I have further questions?

For basic advising questions, please contact your faculty advisor or academic department. You can find out who your advisor is by viewing your Degree Audit.

For questions about degree audit inaccuracies, graduation petitions, course substitutions, or transfer evaluation forms, please contact

For questions about CSU Breadth/IGETC, transferable courses, double majors/minors, study abroad, or other complex advising needs, please contact