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Not Without You

Our students are ready to return to campus and Biola’s leadership is doing everything in our power to bring these remarkable young men and women back to a healthy and safe campus. We’ve watched colleges across the nation reopen and do so safely. We can too!

And it is happening! We welcomed back over 450 students in recent weeks and we hope to expand to the next phase soon, but we can’t do that without you.

Our leadership has identified $3.7 million in new unplanned one-time expenses for the essential elements of reopening Biola’s campus:

  • Classroom Technology – $200,000
    Additional technology is being purchased for classes to be offered in a hyflex model, where students can participate in classes if they choose to remain online or join us in person.
  • COVID-19 Testing – $200,000
    Routine COVID-19 testing equipment and supplies to provide the maximum amount of health safety for our campus community.
  • Sanitization – $100,000
    More sanitization stations and cleaning equipment are needed for increased use across campus.
  • COVID-19 Student Grant – $3 million
    We are awarding a Tuition Relief Grant of approximately $1,000 to each enrolled undergraduate student for the spring semester to help them during these financially difficult times.
  • Staff Assistance – $200,000
    Stipends for remote workforce to cover at-home work expenses, per state guidelines.

A generous alumni couple (Class of ’84 & ’85) has responded to this urgent need with a sacrificial gift of $250,000. Their hope is that you would be motivated to join them in the spirit of generosity by giving what you can to pave the way for our student’s return.

We will get through this stronger! But not without you. We need your help!