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Biola Media Conference

The Biola Media Conference is a haven for professionals and students who want to pave a new way forward for quality media-making from a Christian perspective — people who refuse to divorce their faith from their craft, and won’t settle for low-quality, didactic “Christian” media.

Christians are everywhere in Hollywood. It may not have always been this way, but today Christ-followers can be found working in every corner and capacity of the entertainment industry: as agents, actors, directors, producers, P.A.s, and even studio executives.

Christians are here, and that’s great. Now it’s time to raise our bar. It’s time to prioritize excellence.

The Biola Media Conference, sponsored by Biola University’s Cinema and Media Arts department, is a Conference for Christians in Hollywood and around the world to gather and spur one another to become not just better at their craft, but the best. By hearing from top-notch speakers and workshop leaders about success and excellence in the industry, attendees are inspired to aim higher — to become the innovators and trailblazers of culture, rather than the copycats. Are you an ambitious, creative Christian who wants to make a difference in media and culture for the cause of Christ? The BMC is for you.

Videos from Past Conferences

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Watch: Biola Media Conference 2011


An Event by Biola University’s
Cinema & Media Arts Department