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Torrey Academy provides a set of classically-based humanities courses that prepare students to flourish as Christians in the world.

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Torrey Academy: Head Heart Hand

Our Mission

Torrey Academy equips students to be lifelong disciples, citizens and scholars who pursue the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

Rigorous Classical Courses

Students read, discuss and write about texts that have shaped and challenged the Christian worldview over the last two thousand years. Our integrated core classes give students credit for multiple humanities courses and they wrestle with ideas within literature, history, philosophy, government and theology. We provide classes in various locations throughout Southern California.

Grade Recommended Course Additional Recommended Courses
9th Rhetoric Logic
10th The Inklings Writing Lab or Rhetoric (required for first year students if Rhetoric was not previously completed)
11th Foundations of American Thought Economics: Wealth and Justice
12th Faith of Our Fathers

Regardless of grade level, we recommend students take courses in the order listed. However, families do have the option of taking these classes in different grades or in a different order than suggested.

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Exemplary Mentor Tutors

Students are guided in their academic progress by skilled, virtuous instructors who deeply care about their students. We call them “tutors” in order to honor the primary texts as the true “teachers.” Each tutor has had over 600 hours of Socratic discussion experience and training.

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Transformative Discussions

We have found that discussion is one of the most effective and enriching methods of truth-seeking. Following the classical method of Socratic dialogue, Torrey Academy provides students with a safe and engaging environment to discuss important ideas with their peers and tutor while also forming meaningful friendships.

Prepared Graduates

Students who complete Torrey Academy:

  • Read and think critically
  • Speak and write effectively
  • Listen respectfully
  • Evaluate ideas based on Christian theology
  • Possess a deeper understanding of God, themselves and the world
  • Meet high school course requirements in a way that promotes lifelong learning

Torrey Academy Online

Experience the benefits of classroom community and the convenience of home education with our online classes. Torrey Academy online class sessions are hosted in tutor-moderated video “classrooms” at regular weekly times, allowing online students to seek truth “live” with their tutor and peers.

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Books and Curriculum

Please see the Books and Curriculum page for details.

Program Costs

Costs are dependent on the courses you choose. See the Fees page for a full list of costs.

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