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Private School Satellite Program FAQs

What is included in BYA PSP basic membership?

  • We file the private school affidavit
  • Cumulative-file creation and maintenance
  • All other required paperwork is through our mobile-friendly online records tool
  • General academic counseling is available 
  • Consultation referrals for special-needs (gifted, learning disabled, etc.) and accommodations
  • Student and teacher photo ID cards
  • Optional family events such as an annual Meet and Greet
  • Biola University Library entrance pass
  • Provide work permits and other necessary forms (Special Admit Students form, ROP, Good Driver Discount, etc.)
  • Parent educator seminars provided by Biola University professors, parent educators, and consultants
  • Senior Graduation, 8th Grade Graduation and K-8 End of Year Promotion Celebratio

I see that there is a required "Senior Graduation" fee; what is included in this fee?

  • Annual university preparation and graduation advising for students grade 11-12
  • A diploma and one official high school transcript issuance for high school seniors
  • Senior banquet, social events, and service opportunities
  • Graduation ceremony and reception
  • Senior year timeline guidance and counseling; parent meetings

May I teach all my classes at home?

Yes! Yet, keep in mind that payment of the annual BYA PSP registration fee allows you to concurrently register your student in any Elementary Academics, Star Academics or Torrey Academy class without an additional annual registration fee.

What additional fee-based services are available for a customized experience?

Build your own tailor-made package with customized services such as:

  • BYA K–12 campus and online courses including:
    • Elementary Academics semester-long, full-day packages and clinic courses in partnership with the School of Education
    • Star Academics biblically centered college preparatory courses for grades 6–12
    • Torrey Academy Great Books program with Socratic led discussion for grades 9–12
    • Advanced Track courses offered online for grades 11–12
  • Individualized academic counseling
  • Individualized tutoring
  • Special needs consultation
  • Student photos

How will I access my student's information to update attendance, grades, and other paperwork?

You will have access to our mobile-friendly online PSP Manager tool in your parent account.

Does BYA PSP determine and/or provide the curriculum I use?

No; however, we do offer curriculum counseling for families as they research what is best for their students. And as a service to Star Academics and Torrey Academy families, we partner with a book distributor, eFollet, to offer a convenient way to order books for these courses.

While enrolled in BYA PSP, may I be dual enrolled in another private or public school program, including charter schools?

As a member of BYA PSP you are not eligible to enroll in another school that files an affidavit with the state of California.

What is the role of the parents?

You, the primary educators, play the decisive role in your student's education. We are here to serve and equip you to confidently and successfully instruct your children as you prepare them for their unique calling.

What are the Parent Participant responsibilities?

  • Parents determine school term, courses, quarterly grades, approve transcript. 
  • Turn in online paperwork listed below punctually.
    • Term Set-up
    • Attendance
    • Quarterly Progress Reports
    • Four-Year Plan for high school students
    • Quarterly Work Samples
    • Course Proposals
    • P.E. Hours 
  • Parents assist the BYA PSP administration with one family event or the photo day each year.
  • Additionally, if your teen participates in teen events we ask that you help with one teen event per year.
  • Parents of high school seniors should attend Senior Parent Meetings to stay up to date on planning events and participating in the graduation ceremony.
  • Parents of high school juniors, with their students, organize and host the graduation reception

What is an acceptable work sample?

A digital copy of a graded sample from each course, dated within the corresponding quarter, is acceptable. Samples may consist of a test, a homework assignment, a picture of a project or a short video that accurately displays coursework of the student.

Is there socializing?

Yes; families have opportunities for fellowship and to build friendships at family events.