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Technical Support FAQs

What is my student's username?

In an effort to simplify login information for students, Biola Youth Academics has provided a BYA gmail for each student taking our Star Academics and Torrey Academy classes. The username for your student's Canvas, Toolbox, and Google account is

What is my student's password?

To reset your student's Canvas password, click the "Don't know your password" link on the Canvas login page. Contact BYA Technical support to have your password reset for your BYA Google account or Torrey Academy Toolbox. You can email or call 562-903-4705.

How does BYA use Google?

All BYA students are issued a BYA Google email. This email will be used to create and access their Canvas account. Through the Google account, students are able to interact with their tutors, instructors, and peers through email and chat. For more details on how to use our BYA Google account take a look at our Google Account Guide.

Why is my BYA Google account logging into my personal Gmail Account?

If you regularly login to a personal gmail account, your browser may store that information and keep you logged in by default. Google allows you to add multiple accounts to one browser.

  1. When logged in, simply click on your ID image or email in the top right corner.
  2. In the drop down menu select "Add account."
  3. Click Add account and enter your full BYA email ( and password.
  4. Your BYA Google account will now be stored and you can switch between the two.

You may also choose to use one browser for your personal Google accounts and another for your BYA Google account.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is an online supplemental tool for all Star Academics classes and Torrey Academy online classes. Through Canvas, students can access course syllabi, handouts, and online quizzes, as well as receive important class announcements, watch streaming video, and interact through discussion boards and real-time virtual classrooms.

What is the Torrey Academy Toolbox?

The Torrey Academy Toolbox is an online resource for students taking Torrey Academy classes. Students can access background information, assignments, sample essays, writing lab (if enrolled), and quizzes for their Torrey Academy classes.

Why is there Canvas Conference Testing and Online Orientation?

The Canvas Conference Testing Sessions are conducted by one of Biola Youth Academics' Technical Specialists to test each student's ability to receive and broadcast audio through their headset microphones. These sessions are scheduled prior to Orientation and take place in the Canvas BYA Orientation Course. The Online Orientations are conducted by the course tutor or instructor and are meant to inform students on how the class will run and what will be expected of them. Online Orientations take place in online classrooms specifically for each class.

I registered for my classes but still haven't received my Canvas/Torrey Academy/Google account information.

If you registered at the end of the summer, your account is most likely still being set up. If your account information is not emailed to you within one week of Orientation then contact Technical Support.