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For Online Students

Off-Campus Access

To access the full text of electronic resources from off campus, you will need to be authenticated as a registered or enrolled Biola student. When you click on a link to an online resource, such as an ebook, article, or database, you will be prompted to log in with your NetID information. See accessing resources off-campus for more information.

Getting Started with Online Library Research

Finding Library Resources on a Topic

Search Everything is the default search on the library homepage. It allows you to search all of the library's resources on a topic: books, films, journal articles, etc. Use the filters to limit your results to ebooks, articles, or other online material.

Subject-specific databases give fewer, more focused results and often provide search tools unique to a subject or discipline (e.g. search by research methodology, scripture citation, or company name). Use Databases A-Z to browse all databases relevant to your subject area.

How to Find a Specific Book or Media Item

  1. Search for the item in the Library Catalog to see if Biola has it.
  2. For online books and media, click on the full text link to read or listen to the content.
  3. For physical books and media, click on Request to place a hold for pickup at Biola or to request the item be mailed to your home (within the U.S.). See Library Pick-up Service or Mail to Home Service for more information. If the item is not available through Biola, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan, but the item must be picked up at the Biola Library.
  4. If Biola does not own the book or media item, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Please note that ILL items must be picked up in person at the Biola Library.

How to Find a Specific Article

  1. Note the name of the publication in which the article can be found - the journal, magazine or newspaper.
  2. Use Journals A-Z to search for the publication title (not the article title).
  3. Results will indicate if the publication can be found online through a library database. If available, note the publication date and select the appropriate database to view the article online.
  4. If Biola does not have the article online, request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and a digital scan will be provided to you.

How to Find a Book Chapter

  1. Search for the book in the Library Catalog to see if Biola has it.
  2. If the book is online, click on the full text link to read the chapter. In some cases, book chapters may also be downloaded and kept.
  3. If the book is not available online, request the book chapter through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and a digital scan will be provided to you.

Research Help

Library faculty and staff are available to help you online. Use the Ask Us service to chat, call, text, or email your question to the library. For in-depth research help, make an appointment with a librarian for a 30-minute research consultation. Consultations can occur online or in person during a time that works for you.

Other resources:

  • Get Started with Library Research includes basic instructions for finding library resources on a topic or locating a specific item in the library collection.
  • Research guides are curated by librarians and contain recommended resources and tips for finding information in the library collections.

Library Access and Borrowing

Your Biola ID is your library card. If you plan to come to campus, bring it with you to enter the library through the turnstiles and check out materials. Set up your library account to check for due dates, renew material, or enable text notifications. To request items to be held for pickup, use the Library Pick-up Service.

See Borrowing & Circulation for more information.

Reciprocal Borrowing Programs

The library participates in several reciprocal borrowing programs with other institutions in the United States and Canada. These agreements allow Biola members to physically use the collections and facilities of other libraries.

Use the Reciprocal Agreements Chart to find a library near you and apply for access.

Tech Commons

The Biola Tech Commons provides remote technical services and support to students, staff, and faculty. 

See the Tech Commons website for more information.

Rhetoric & Writing Center

The Rhetoric & Writing Center provides feedback for writing projects at any stage—from outlines and early drafts to revisions and final edits—in a friendly, supportive environment, both face-to-face and online. 

See the Rhetoric & Writing Center website for more information.

Learning Center

The Learning Center exists to provide students with academic assistance and support. There is a variety of tutoring resources available for most courses offered at Biola. Academic mentors are also available, as well as individualized ADA care plans and counsel for those diagnosed with medical, psychological, learning or physical conditions. 

See the The Learning Center website for more information.