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For Alumni

The Library welcomes all graduates of the university and is pleased to provide the following benefits.

Library Entrance & Borrowing

All library users 18 years of age or older must have a current Biola ID, Alumni ID, Biola library card or One-Day Pass for entrance. Children of alumni must remain with a parent or guardian at all times while using the library.

Biola alumni are issued a free Alumni ID card at Alumni Relations. Alumni ID cards can then be used for library entrance. Library borrowing privileges may be purchased for a fee at the Library Reception Desk.

Library Entrance (free Alumni ID required)

  • Entrance to the library
  • Access to public computers and WiFi
  • Access to all subscription databases from within the library
  • Remote access to selected databases
  • Printing, copying and scanning services
  • In-person research assistance at the Information Desk

Library Borrowing (free Alumni ID required; $50 per year)

  • All library entrance privileges mentioned above
  • Plus borrowing of library materials (25 items)

See Library Access and Borrowing & Circulation for more information.

Alumni Accessible Databases

At the Biola Library
Biola alumni may access all library databases from within the Biola Library. Login information can be obtained from the Reception Desk.

Off Campus

Only selected databases are available from off-campus. When prompted, alumni should log in with their former Biola email address information. See the list of alumni accessible databases for a detailed description of each database and any special instructions.

Printing & Copying

Code of Conduct

The Biola Library Code of Conduct is designed to create a safe and quiet environment for all patrons to enjoy. The library and its contents is a shared resource and, as such, requires all patrons to treat it, and the other patrons who use it, with respect and consideration. Library users are responsible for informing themselves of library policies.