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For Alumni

The Library welcomes all graduates of the university and is pleased to provide the following benefits.

Library Access & Borrowing

Mac lab

Library entrance or borrowing may be purchased for a nominal fee. Biola alumni are issued a free Alumni ID card from Auxiliary Services. Alumni ID cards must be activated at the Library Reception Desk before being used for library entrance or borrowing.

Library Entrance ($25 per year; one year upon graduation is free)

  • Entrance to the library
  • Access to public computers and WiFi
  • Access to all subscription databases from within the library
  • Printing, copying and scanning services
  • In-person research assistance from library staff

Library Entrance and Borrowing ($50 per year)

  • All library entrance privileges mentioned above
  • Plus borrowing of library materials (25 books, 10 media)

See Library Access and Borrowing & Circulation for more information.

Alumni Accessible Databases

Biola alumni have free off-campus access to alumni accessible databases. The purchase of library entrance or borrowing privileges is not required to use these databases. Access to alumni accessible databases may require a NetID login or a login provided by Alumni Relations. See a list of alumni accessible databases for more information about databases and how to access them.

Library Computers

Mac lab

Off-campus access to all online library resources is restricted to current students, staff, and faculty of Biola; however, any user logged into the wireless network may freely access ebooks, journals and other online library resources. Alternatively, alumni with active NetID logins may use a library computer to freely access all online library resources. Users without an active NetID login can get help from the Tech Commons.

Printing & Copying

using a printer
  • 10ΒΆ for black & white
  • 40ΒΆ for color
  • Scanning to PDF is free, but an Alumni ID or copy card with funds is required to log into the copiers.

Alumni with an active NetID account may use their NetID login to print. Optionally, all users may purchase a print/copy card for $1 from a self-service kiosk, located near the Tech Commons. The kiosks may also be used to add funds to an existing Alumni ID card or print/copy card. The kiosks will only accept bills (no coins) or a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). To use a credit card, at least $10 must be added to the account. See How to Print/Copy for more information.

Instructions for Alumni

  • Print as usual using a library computer.
  • Sign in with your NetID and password or the name and password on your copy/print card.
  • Swipe or tap your Alumni ID card (if using your NetID information) or print/copy card at a print release station to retrieve your document.
  • Please visit the Tech Commons for assistance with printing and copying.

Research Help

Alumni with library entrance privileges can stop by the Information Desk during open library hours or use the Ask Us service to chat, call, text, or email a question to the library.

Code of Conduct

The Biola Library Code of Conduct is designed to create a safe and quiet environment for all patrons to enjoy. The library and its contents is a shared resource and, as such, requires all patrons to treat it, and the other patrons who use it, with respect and consideration. Library users are responsible for informing themselves of library policies.