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LINK+ Catalog

*Notice: Due to the closure of member libraries, all lending and borrowing is suspended until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

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About LINK+

LINK+ is a request service and union catalog that allows students, staff and faculty of Biola University to borrow materials that are unavailable at the Biola Library. This patron-initiated, online service allows you to borrow books and media from over 65 participating academic and public LINK+ libraries. Requested items are delivered via a courier service, so the delivery time is generally faster than traditional Interlibrary loan services. Borrowers may monitor the status of their LINK+ requests by checking their library account online to see whether the request is in transit, canceled or ready for pickup. Requests that are available for pickup may be checked out at the library Information Desk. Borrowers may also request a three-week renewal on LINK+ books and some media. Please check your library account online to verify the status of the renewal request. If the status of an item is "Available" at the Biola University Library, the item may not be requested through LINK+.

How to Use LINK+

  1. Open the LINK+ Catalog and search for the item you want.
  2. Once you have located the item, click on the title to see how many LINK+ libraries own it and check to see if it is available.
  3. If available, click "Request it."
  4. You will be asked "With which institution are you affiliated?" Select Biola University and click on "Submit."
  5. Enter your name, Biola ID number and password. If you do not have a password, you will need to set up your library account first.
  6. Once your information has been submitted, a message will display as to the status of your request and what library it is coming from. A successful request will be available for pick up in two to four days.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use LINK+?
    Current Biola University students, staff and faculty may request books and media through LINK+. See Library Access for a list of all users eligible for LINK+ privileges.
  2. What kind of material can be requested through LINK+?
    Circulating books and media that are available in the LINK+ catalog may be requested. Reference books, reserves, periodicals and special collection items may not be requested. Items not available from Biola library or not obtained through LINK+ may be requested from Interlibrary Loan.
  3. Why order books through LINK+?
    Requesting materials through LINK+ is an easy way to get books and media from over 65 participating libraries. The courier service used for deliveries is quick, and all requests may be placed and monitored online.
  4. Can I request items that Biola University owns?
    If an item is available at Biola library, it cannot be requested through LINK+. Items that are checked out, lost or missing may be requested.
  5. How long will it take to get the item through LINK+?
    The time between placing a request and picking up the item at the library Information Desk is approximately two to four days. Books will be held for pickup a total of 10 days. Media items loaned for seven days will be held for five days; media items loaned for 21 days will be held for 10 days.
  6. How do I check the status of my request?
    You may check the status of your LINK+ request by viewing your library account online.
  7. How long may I keep my LINK+ books? May I renew items?
    The loan period for LINK+ books is 21 days. Media items may be on loan for either 21 days or seven days, as determined by the lending library. One three-week renewal may be requested for items on loan for 21 days pending approval of the lending library. No renewal is available for media selected for a seven-day loan.
  8. What are the overdue fines and replacement fees for LINK+ materials?
    Fines for overdue books and media are $1.00 per item per day. The replacement cost for a lost or damaged LINK+ book or media is $115.00, unless determined otherwise by the lending library. Fines and replacement fees apply to Biola University students, staff and faculty.
  9. What is the Visiting Patron option and how do I use it?
    This option allows a current Biola University student, staff or faculty member to go to a LINK+ library that participates in the Visiting Patron Program and borrow materials at that site. The items may be returned at the owning library or at the borrower's home library.
  10. What is the Pickup Elsewhere feature?
    The Pickup Elsewhere feature allows you to place a request online and select the participating LINK+ library where you may pick up the item.