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  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Historically, many evangelicals have believed that Israel has a God-given right to its land and that the nations that support Israel will be...

  • Twelve Must-Read Books

    Your Back-to-School Reading List Recommended By Biola Professors

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    (This is a condensed version of the full-length feature.) Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A man is known by the books he reads.” People are always...

  • The Biggest Threat to Religious Liberty

    Law professor Michael Koby (’88) argues that a 1990 Supreme Court ruling threatens religious freedom.

    Michael Koby — 

    Many Christians are concerned about lawsuits that seek to remove Judeo-Christian symbolism from the public sphere, such as Ten Commandments...

  • Why Do Bad Movies Get Made?

    Film professor Michael Gonzales gives an insider’s look at Hollywood corporate culture.

    Michael Gonzales — 

    I’ve often been asked by students how bad movies get made. Why, for example, does a movie with huge potential — an A-list cast, large budget and...

  • Sloppy Agape

    David Alan Black (’75, M.Div. ’80) challenges a common interpretation of Jesus’ famous question: “Peter, do you love me?”

    David Black — 

    Traditionally, John 21:15-17 has been a rich source of what Bible scholars call “eisegesis” — reading into the text something the text itself does...

  • The D-Word

    Has Doctrine Become the New Dirty Word?

    Holly Pivec — 

    In his book A Generous Orthodoxy (Zondervan), Brian McLaren makes a piercing assessment of evangelicals. He says they have focused on having all...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Since many Christians are concerned about the content of movies, Biola Connections decided to learn more about the rating system from Dr. Marc...

  • Rae Rucker — 

    Like other seniors at Biola, 20-year-old Justin Wheeler was excited to be in his final year of college.He had mastered the routine of classes and...

  • Lee McDonald — 

    A controversial passage, 1 Corinthians 7:21-24, has often been used by Paul’s critics to say he was indifferent to the plight of slaves. And some...

  • The Feminization of the Church

    Why Its Music, Messages and Ministries Are Driving Men Away

    Holly Pivec — 

    The leaders of a new, Christian movement think they’ve solved a centuries-old mystery: why men are absent from church. But their answer isn’t...

  • Interview With David Murrow

    Author of 'Why Men Hate Going to Church'

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    For the cover article of the spring issue of Biola Connections, we interviewed David Murrow, the author of a provocative new book, Why Men Hate...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Abortion is often presented as a quick and painless procedure, with no side effects. But, lately, pro-life leaders have argued that women who have...

  • Knowing Yourself

    The Overlooked Key to Becoming a Leader

    John Miller — 

    I am often asked, “What is the secret to becoming a great leader?” Kevin Cashman in his book, Leadership from the Inside Out, encourages us to...

  • Heavenly Rewards

    What Happens at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

    Henry W. Holloman — 

    Mention the judgment seat of Christ, and don’t be surprised if Christians shudder and try to change the subject. Why? It’s because most Christians...

  • Exorcising Our Demons

    Many Evangelicals Are Too Skeptical of the Demonic

    Holly Pivec — 

    The fall movie lineup included the first major release from a Biola graduate — The Exorcism of Emily Rose, directed and co-written by Scott...

  • Interview With Scott Derrickson

    Director and Co-Writer of 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' (Sony Pictures, September 2005)

    Biola Magazine Staff — 

    In October, Biola Connections interviewed Scott Derrickson, via e-mail, about his movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Derrickson graduated from...

  • The Hidden Blessings of Suffering

    A Father Reflects on His Daughter’s Battle With Leukemia

    Don Hallworth — 

    My years as a student at Biola (1981-1983) were marked with lifelong friendships and a challenge to know God intimately. However, as I reflect on...

  • Biola Magazine Staff — 

    Brian McLaren’s book A Generous Orthodoxy (Zondervan, 2004) has been called a manifesto of the “emerging church” — a movement that is rethinking...

  • Unjustifiably ‘Undignified’

    Does a Popular Praise Song Ignore the Biblical Context?

    Ben Shin — 

    Praise and worship are a huge part of the Christian experience. We are encouraged throughout the Psalms to praise the Lord. We are also called by...

  • Scott Young — 

    The church has been conflicted over the centuries about its relationship to images. The evangelical expression of Christianity has often adopted a...

  • Virtual Reality Check

    How the Internet Has — and Hasn’t — Changed the Church

    Holly Pivec — 

    In the beginning, the Internet was created and it changed the world. Then Christians said, “Let us take dominion and fill it.” So they bought Web...

  • ‘The Research Says’

    How Reliable Are the Statistics We Hear Everyday?

    Paul Poelstra — 

    News headlines are filled with statistics: “Study shows 50 percent of marriages end in divorce” … “Research reveals women are better drivers than...

  • Erik Thoennes — 

    Hear the word “jealous” and images of an insecure, abusive husband easily come to mind. Indeed, jealousy has caused many difficulties and...