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  • Magna Carta of Humanity

    with Os Guinness

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    What is at the heart of the reason for the decline in Western culture? Cultural analyst Os Guinness argues that it is a faulty view of freedom....

  • You Are Not Your Own

    with Alan Noble

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    What is the fundamental problem at the core of modern society? According to Alan Noble, it is a faulty view of what it means to be human. This...

  • Glimmers of Grace

    with Katie Butler

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    In her years of medical practice as a trauma surgeon, Dr. Katie Butler has seen it all, and also seen the grace and kindness of God in the midst of...

  • Scott Rae — 

    Gilbert Meilander has spent his life at the intersection of theology and bioethics, including being selected for George W. Bush's bioethics...

  • One Faith No Longer

    with George Yancey

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    In his new book, One Faith No Longer, sociologist George Yancey looks at the polarization within Christianity that reflects the divides in the...

  • Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    With the advent of abortion inducing drugs such as RU-486 and others, abortion has become increasingly private and available to anyone without a...

  • Surviving Religion 101

    with Michael Kruger

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    How can young people survive the challenges of religion classes in secular colleges? Dr. Michael Kruger is the author of the recent book Surviving...

  • Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Climate change has been one of the most debated subjects around the world in recent years, with various opinions about its reality, origins and...

  • Messy Truth

    with Caleb Kaltenbach

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Bringing the truth of Scripture into discussions of marriage and sexuality can be messy, to say the least. Navigating these potentially messy...

  • Religious Liberty for All

    with Andrew Walker

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Is religious liberty important for all people, including Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, or just Christians? How do we make a public case for the...

  • Fighting for Life

    with Lila Rose

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    How do we truly make a difference in the world? How can we fight for justice in a broken world? Lila Rose is the author of the recent book Fighting...

  • Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Since mass migration from Africa and the Middle East into Europe since 2015, there has been a marked increase in the sexual assault and harassment...

  • Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    What are the most common mistakes Christians make when approaching the Bible? Seasoned biblical scholar Michael Bird takes on seven of the biggest...

  • Sean McDowell — 

    In partnership with the Barna Research Group, Impact 360 has commissioned a massive new study on Gen Z. It focuses on caring for young people, and...

  • Sean McDowell — 

    "Purity culture" has a complicated legacy. Some is positive and some needs biblical correction. Rachel Joy Welcher has written an excellent book...

  • Scott Rae — 

    The conventional wisdom concerning same sex parenting is that it is not substantively different from oppoosite sex parenting-the notion that...

  • Sean McDowell — 

    Is there actually good archaeological evidence supporting the Bible? Sean interviews archaeologist Joel Kramer about his recent book Where God Came...

  • The Anatomy of Deconversion

    with John Marriott

    John Marriott, Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    We hear an increasing number of stories — tragic ones — of recognizable Christian leaders abandoning their faith. What contributes to these...

  • Why You Matter

    with Mike Sherrard

    Sean McDowell — 

    Does life really have any meaning? Are all human beings actually equal? These are some of the big questions of life, which we wrestle with in this...

  • Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Is the scientific data pointing towards a universe of design or towards a universe that needs no supernatural explanation? In this interview, Sean...

  • Them Before Us

    with Katy Faust

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    From certain reproductive technologies to divorce and to same-sex marriages, our culture focuses far more on the desires of adults than the rights...

  • Where Prayer Becomes Real

    with Kyle Strobel

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae, Kyle Strobel — 

    Prayer is often a hard subject to talk about, and one reason for that is the guilt that it induces as people inevitably face up to the challenges...

  • Critical/Cynical Theories

    with Helen Pluckrose

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    Since the summer of 2020, Critical Race Theory, and Critical Theory in general, have come out from the academic world and moved into popular...

  • Cultural Intelligence

    with Darrell Bock

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    The people of God are called to engage with the issues of the culture, which can involve at times, some difficult and challenging conversations....

  • Another Gospel?

    with Alisa Childers

    Sean McDowell, Scott Rae — 

    What is "progressive Christianity" and why is it so important to understand today? In this interview, we talk with Alisa Childers about her latest...

About the Podcast

Think Biblically: Conversations on Faith and Culture is a weekly podcast that offers Christian perspectives on some of the most significant issues facing today's church and culture. In each episode, hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell — professors at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology — draw upon biblical wisdom and insights from guest experts as they explore how Christians can thoughtfully and faithfully engage with cultural trends and current events.





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