This week, Sean and guest co-host Rick Langer discuss:

  • Richard Dawkins Identifies as a Cultural Christian: Dawkins expresses shock over Ramadan lights in the UK, highlighting his value for Christian heritage despite his atheism.
  • Debate on "Sex Assigned at Birth": An opinion piece in The New York Times challenging the terminology, emphasizing biological facts over socio-political agendas.
  • Social Costs of De-Churching in America: An article in The Atlantic by an agnostic author explores the negative impacts of declining church attendance, particularly on community and social engagement.
  • Listener Question: Doctoral Program in Engaging Mind and Culture: The podcast mentions Talbot School of Theology's program aimed at fostering thoughtful and winsome cultural engagement.
  • Listener Question: Spiritual Parenthood in the Church: The importance of the church in providing mentorship and support, especially to young individuals without Christian familial backgrounds.

Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon.