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  • Discernment: Decision Making & Leadership Opportunities

    a chapel by Spiritual Development Staff

    Alex Bell

    When I hear the word “discernment” my stomach does somersaults. It’s an idea that’s hard to grasp and even harder to put into practice. Sometimes...

  • Love

    an article by Christena Cleveland

    Alex Bell

    I am a self proclaimed perfectionist. I’ve been this way since I was a young girl—and now that I’m older, I understand how my perfectionism has...

  • Alex Bell

    “… more than those who have intangibly impacted my life are those who have loved me, guided me, and made a forever impact face-to-face.” My mom’s...

  • The Breakup your Career (and Identity) Need

    a blog post by Victoria Sowell

    Alex Bell

    I wish someone would read this piece to me as a bedtime story...and right when I wake up...and when I’m getting ready & looking at myself in...

  • Alex Bell

    As life after college seems to be closing in on me, I have often asked myself how I will continue to learn and not grow stagnant. This piece by...

  • Our Role in the Making

    a missions conference session by Megan Fate Marshman

    Alex Bell

    Freshman year is HARD. It's the little thoughts of self doubt and the ever so present lack of a mom telling you how AMAZING you are at the end of...

  • At the End of a Short Rope

    a chapel talk by Shelly Cunningham

    Alex Bell

    If you are anything like me, stopping can be hard. When you think about the work you need to get done, and the friends who need your attention, it...