Freshman year is HARD. It's the little thoughts of self doubt and the ever so present lack of a mom telling you how AMAZING you are at the end of the day. But the thing is, senior year is HARD. The end of this very long path is approaching and jobs ghost you all the time. This talk by Megan Fate Marshman meets us at both of these places and everywhere in between.

She cuts right to the chase and bravely says, “Rather than walking in [a room] and wondering what everyone is thinking about you, you can know that you’re loved and God’s love will naturally flow out of your life.”

Her words land fresh on hearts that are striving as she beckons us to stop hiding, stop running, and accept the work done for us. My fellow people pleasers, listen to this and let go of your impossible self standards.

In this message, Megan also sheds light on big questions like “What is discipleship?” and “How do you shed shame?”

Let us take a step toward freedom,