The following is the fourth post in a series on the new Biola Learn course called The Geography of Israel. Join The Good Book Blog and Associate Professor and Chair of Old Testament Charlie Trimm over the coming weeks to catch a glimpse into Israel and biblical settings.

What kind of houses did the ancient Israelites live in? Archaeological remains at Hazor allow us a glimpse at what life was like for them. Hazor is just north of the Sea of Galilee and was an important Canaanite city—it compared in size to the great city of Babylon. It was later conquered by the Israelites and was an important part of Solomon’s kingdom.

In this video clip my Talbot Old Testament colleague Ken Way and I talk not only about an Israelite four room house as we walk through the various portions of the remains of such a house, but also a reconstruction of an olive press.

This video clip is part of an upper division Bible elective The Geography of Israel, but is now also available to all as part of a Biola Learn class: see here for more details.

Video: Hazor: Four Room House