• Ph.D., Wheaton College
  • M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • M.A., Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • B.S., Western Washington University


Charlie Trimm loves to inspire students to recognize the beauty of the Old Testament and its relevance for the life of the church today. Having served for several years in pastoral ministry, he strives to encourage the spiritual growth of students in all his classes. He received his Ph.D. from Wheaton College in 2012, writing his dissertation on God acting as a divine warrior in the exodus. His research interests include warfare in the ancient Near East, difficult topics relating to the ethics of God in the Old Testament, Exodus, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He is also a director of Every Voice: A Center for Kingdom Diversity in Christian Theological Education. When he is not teaching or writing, he can often be found spending time with family or watching Arsenal, his favorite football (soccer) team.


  • Tolkien Society (2017-present)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (2007-present)
  • Institute for Biblical Research (2007-present)
  • Evangelical Theological Society (2003-present)



  • Exodus (co-authored with Chole T. Sun; International Commentary on the Old Testament, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, under contract)
  • Destruction of the Canaanites: A Survey of Recent Approaches (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2022)
  • Understanding Old Testament Theology (co-authored with Brittany Kim; Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2020)
  • Fighting for the King and the Gods: A Survey of Warfare in the Ancient Near East (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2017)
  • “YHWH Fights for Them!” The Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative (Gorgias: Piscataway, 2014)

Articles & Chapters

    • “The Tenth Plague: An Ethical Overview.” Journal for the Study of the Bible and Violence. Forthcoming.
    • “Battlefield Rape in the Ancient Near East: Hiding the Horror.” In Brill’s Companion to War Violence the Ancient Mediterranean World. Edited by Lennart Gilhaus. Leiden: Brill. Forthcoming.
    • “Afterward” (with Brittany Kim), in Mapping the Employment Maze: Traditional and Nontraditional Vocational Pathways in Biblical Studies. Edited by Brandon C. Benzinger and Adam W. Day. Cascade: Eugene, OR. Forthcoming.
    • “Arrogant or Divinely Appointed? Ancient Near Eastern Attempts to Explain Courageous Enemies.” In Brill’s Companion to Courage and Cowardice in Ancient Warfare. Edited by Jenn Finn. Leiden: Brill. Forthcoming.
    • “Gandalf, Sauron, Melian, and the Balrogs as Angels? A Study of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Maiar in the Context of Biblical Angelology.” In Tolkien and Theology. Edited by Douglas Estes. Minneapolis: Fortress. Forthcoming.
    • “Tolkien’s War Gods: Studying Tolkien’s View of War through the Characterization of Makar and Tulkas.” in Proceedings of Tolkien 2019. Forthcoming.
    • “Warfare and Intelligence Gathering in Ancient Israel.” Pages 317–31 in The Ancient Israelite World. Edited by Kyle Keimer and George A. Pierce. London: Routledge, 2022.
    • “Praying Against Enemies: Biblical Precedents, Ethical Reflections, and Suggested Guidelines,” Pages 69–83 in Righteous Indignation: Christian Philosophical and Theological Perspectives on Anger. Edited by Gregory L. Bock and Court D. Lewis. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2021.
    • “Causes of Genocide,” Pages 31–49 in The Cultural History of Genocide Volume 1: The Ancient World. Edited by Tristan Taylor. London: Bloomsbury, 2021.
    • “The Sword of YHWH: The Human Use of Divine Weapons in the Ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible.” Pages 293–304 in For Us, but Not to Us: Essays on Creation, Covenant, and Context in Honor of John H. Walton. Edited by Adam E. Miglio, Caryn A. Reeder, Joshua T. Walton, and Kenneth C. Way. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2020.


    • “The Tenth Plague: An Ethical Overview” (2022 ETS National Meeting)
    • “Genesis 9:20–27: Exegesis” (2021 IBR National Meeting)
    • “Imperialism and the Israelite Kingship: The Narrator’s Critique of David’s Behavior as King in His International Wars” (2020 IBR National Meeting)
    • “Gods or Angels? Blurring the Distinction in Tolkien’s Middle-earth and the Old Testament” (2020 ETS National Meeting)
    • “Battlefield Rape in the Ancient Near East and the Old Testament: Hiding and Exposing the Horror” (2020 ETS National Meeting)
    • “The Story of Tamar, Amnon, and David as a Cautionary Tale for Those Ignoring the Sexual Sins of Church Leaders” (2019 ETS Annual Meeting)
    • “Tolkien’s War Gods: Studying Tolkien’s View of War through the Characterization of Makar and Tulkas” (2019 Tolkien Conference)
    • “Should I Pray for the Peace or Destruction of Babylon? The Intersection of Enemy Love and Imprecatory Psalms in the Old Testament” (2018 IBR Annual Meeting)
    • “Christ in Judges and Ruth? A Survey of Recent Studies on Finding Jesus in the Old Testament” (2016 ETS Annual Meeting, with Uche Anizor)
    • “Defining Genocide in the Ancient Near East: Insights from Genocide Studies” (2016 SBL Annual Meeting)

      Research Interests

      • Warfare and Violence in the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East
      • Old Testament Theology
      • The Works of J. R. R. Tolkien
      • Diversity and the Old Testament
      • Old Testament Ethics
      • Exodus


      Associate Professor, Talbot School of Theology (Fall 2018–present)

        • Geography of Israel
        • Old Testament History and Literature
        • Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
        • Kings
        • Divine Violence in the Old Testament
        • OT Ethics and Theology
      • Assistant Professor, Talbot School of Theology (2012–18)
        • Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation
        • Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
        • Kings
        • Divine Violence in the Old Testament
      • Adjunct Instructor at Moody Bible Institute (2010–12), Corban University School of Ministry (2010), and Northwest Baptist Seminary (2005–07)


      Areas of Expertise for Media Interviews

      • Old Testament
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