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DepartmentsBiblical and Theological Studies Department
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  • Ph.D., Wheaton College
  • M.Div, Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • M.A., Northwest Baptist Seminary
  • B.S., Western Washington University


Charlie Trimm loves to inspire students to recognize the beauty of the Old Testament and its relevance for the life of the church today. Having served for several years in pastoral ministry, he strives to encourage the spiritual growth of his students in all his classes. He received his Ph.D. from Wheaton College in 2012, writing his dissertation on God acting as a divine warrior in the exodus. His research interests include warfare in the ancient Near East, the family in the Old Testament, and difficult topics relating to the ethics of God in the Old Testament. He is married to Mariah, has four children, Eily, Kellen, Brynne and Deklan. When he is not teaching, he can often be found watching soccer.


  • Evangelical Theological Society (2003-present)
  • Society of Biblical Literature (2007-present)
  • Institute for Biblical Research (2007-present)

Publications (Selected)


  • Fighting for God and King: A Survey of Warfare in the Ancient Near East (Atlanta: SBL Press, forthcoming)
  • “YHWH Fights for Them!” The Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative (Gorgias: Piscataway, 2014)

Articles & Chapters

  • “Honor Your Parents: A Command for Adults” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (forthcoming)
  • “YHWH the Dragon: Exploring a Neglected Biblical Metaphor for the Divine Warrior and Its Bearing on the Translation of ‟Ap” (with Brittany Kim) The Bible Translator 65 (2014):165-84
  • “The Publications of Daniel I. Block: Overview and Bibliography,” in For Our Good Always: Studies on the Message and Influence of Deuteronomy in Honor of Daniel I. Block (eds. Jason S. DeRouchie, Jason Gile, and Kenneth J. Turner; Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 2013), xxi-xxxii
  • “Did YHWH Condemn the Nations When He Elected Israel? YHWH’s Disposition toward Non-Israelites in the Torah” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 55 (2012): 521-36
  • “Recent Research on Warfare in the Old Testament” Currents in Biblical Research 10 (2012):1-46
  • “Evangelicals, Theology, and Biblical Interpretation: Reflections on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture” Bulletin for Biblical Research 20 (2010): 379-98
  • “West Semitic Warfare,” “Hittite Warfare,” “Egyptian Warfare,” “Baal as a Divine Warrior,” YHWH as a Divine Warrior,” “Israelite Wars of the Judges,” “Israelite Conquest of Canaan,” “Ai,” “Jericho,” “King David as Warrior,” “Qadesh,” “Israelite Religious Guidelines for Warfare,” “Israelite Wars of the United Monarchy,” and “Israelite Wars of the Divided Monarchy” in Wars of Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict (eds. Timothy Demy and Jeffrey Shaw; Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, forthcoming)
  • “Zarethan,” “Jabesh-Gilead,” and “Mizpah” in The Lexham Bible Dictionary (eds. J. D. Barry and L. Wentz; Bellingham: Lexham Press, 2014).
  • Christoph Berner and Harald Samuel, eds., The Reception of Biblical War Legislation in Narrative Contexts, BBR (forthcoming)
  • Jeremy Schipper, Ruth, BBR (forthcoming)


  • “Christ in Judges and Ruth? A Survey of Recent Studies on Finding Jesus in the Old Testament” (2016 ETS Annual Meeting, with Uche Anizor)
  • Defining Genocide in the Ancient Near East: Insights from Genocide Studies” (2016 SBL Annual Meeting)
  • “The Ethics of Calling Down Curses on Your Enemies in the Context of Enemy Love: Suggested Guidelines for Contemporary Imprecatory Psalms” (2016 Center for Christian Thought Conference)
  • “Honor Your Parents: A Command for Adults Rather Than Children”(2015 ETS Annual Meeting)
  • “Genocide in the Ancient Near East: Did Israel Act Like Their Neighbors?” (2015 SBL Pacific Coast Regional)
  • “Samson and the Gate of Gaza” (2014 SBL Annual Meeting)
  • Teaching Geography through a Game” (2014 SBL Annual Meeting)
  • “Does YHWH Fight Like the Gods? YHWH and Other Ancient Near Eastern Divine Warriors” (2014 SBL Pacific Coast Regional)
  • “Genocide and Inerrancy” (2013 ETS Annual Meeting)
  • “Divine Warrior Motif: Diversity in the Motif” (2013 SBL Annual Meeting)

Research Interests

  • The Ethics and Rhetoric of Warfare in the Old Testament and the ANE
  • The Old Testament in the Life of the Church
  • Life in Old Testament Times
  • Ancient Near Eastern Background of the Old Testament


  • Assistant Professor, Talbot School of Theology (Fall 2012–present)
    • Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation (2x a semester)
    • The Early History of Israel (Joshua, Judges, and Ruth) (1x a semester)
    • Divine Violence in the Old Testament (1x a semester)
  • Adjunct Instructor at Moody Bible Institute (2010-2012)
  • Liberty University Online (2011-2012)
  • Corban University School of Ministry (2010)
  • Northwest Baptist Seminary (2005-2007)
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