There is an invitation and promise from Scripture that has become increasingly meaningful to me. The Apostle Peter wrote these words during some very trying times:

Cast all your anxieties upon him because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

The past nine months have been a difficult season for my family, especially for my wife who has lost her younger sister, her mother, and her father. In the midst of this, I am so grateful that God invites us to express our anxieties, hurts, and concerns to him through tearful eyes. But I am far more grateful for the second half of the verse that reveals why our Lord extends this invitation: he cares.

How is it that the God of the universe, creator of heaven and earth, the designer of quasars and galaxies, would not only be aware of what we have faced, but would truly care? As difficult as this may be to understand and explain, we cannot escape the fact that it is objectively true. He really does care.

Not only is he concerned, but he wants to listen to us as we express our emotions and deepest feelings to him. And we can voice ourselves to him in the raw authenticity of how we really feel without fear of rejection, disdain, or judgment.

He doesn’t just listen and walk away or move on to other things. He assures us of his presence with us through the pain. He imparts his grace to us to help us through another day. And he reminds us of the hope we have in a future where we can be with him forever and ever—a time when there will no longer be tears, suffering, and pain.

In this issue of the Talbot magazine, Kyle Strobel and John Coe write about prayer and how distractions when we pray may provide a window into our souls that should prompt us to pray with more authenticity. This was helpful and convicting to me. Betsy Barber and Judy TenElshof share encouraging words from the Scripture that have been meaningful to them through recent times of overwhelming loss and challenging trials. May our caring God use this issue of the Talbot magazine to encourage you and impact your prayer life.