In the fall of 2017, Talbot launched the first of its fully online programs:

  • M.A. Bible Exposition
  • M.A. New Testament
  • M.A. Theology
  • Certificate in Biblical & Theological Studies
  • Certificate in Christian Apologetics

Since fully online programs have become avail- able, there has been significant interest and enrollments have increased. Students who could not come to campus to pursue their theological education now have the opportunity to do so with- out relocating.

By the numbers:

  • 100 new and continuing online students this fall
  • 425 Talbot students who took at least one on- line course in the last year
  • 18 states besides California where online Talbot students reside
  • 4 locations outside the U.S. where online Talbot students reside

What students are saying about their personal online course experiences:

“I graduated from Biola in 1987 and have taught the Bible in churches for three decades. I have always wanted to attend Talbot, but life and career choices have prevented this. The online format rollout has now made this possible for me. ‘The Life of Christ’ was a great first class to start Talbot. Dr. Hutchison is an excellent teacher, is well-organized, grades assignments timely, gives adequate feedback and has developed a robust curriculum. Spiritually, this class was a gift from God for me."

“I was skeptical about taking an online Greek course; however, Dr. [Gary] Manning made Greek enjoyable and very doable! I like his teaching style and the weekly conferences that challenged each student.”

“Very much enjoyed my first semester at Talbot and [Theology I] with Dr. [Ryan] Peterson. I loved the videos and readings, but even more, enjoyed the live web conferences. Can’t wait for Theo II!”