Talbot has two extension centers — one in New York and one in Eastern Europe. Both are strategically located for significant missional impact. And both are unique in their contextual focus.

One is in the heart of the largest Jewish population outside of Israel. The Charles L. Feinberg Center in Brooklyn offers a Master of Divinity degree in Messianic Jewish Studies. Working in partnership with Chosen People Ministries, our vision is to equip leaders for evangelism, church planting, pastoring and various ministries within the Jewish community.

The other extension site is in Kyiv, Ukraine, over 6,000 miles from Biola University’s campus. Ukraine has become something of a center for the spread of the gospel throughout Eastern Europe. Bordered by Russia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Belarus, Ukraine is in the middle of the former Soviet Union. Mark Saucy, chair of Talbot’s graduate theology department, aptly compares Kyiv to the strategic role Antioch played in the expansion of Christianity in the first century.

For over 10 years, Talbot has partnered with Kyiv Theological Seminary (KTS) to offer a Master of Arts degree with a specialization in biblical and theological studies in the Eurasian context. Students come from all over Ukraine and Eastern Europe with a passion to become better grounded in the Scripture, to learn theology and to develop crucial ministry skills with the goal of becoming more effective in their ministries. And all of them are on the cutting-edge of important ministries in their respective contexts.

To date, this is the only Association of Theological Schools accredited degree in Ukraine. As an “extension” of Talbot, they share the same commitment to spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, a firm conviction that the Bible is the inerrant word of God, a heart that is yearning for the sanctifying work of the Spirit and a zeal to make disciples. But these dear brothers and sisters also have much to teach us on how to live out these commitments in a context where life is challenging economically and where it is not popular to be a Christian.

Because of the extraordinary economic challenges of life in Ukraine, we have sought to make the master’s program as affordable as possible to these students by providing a 95 percent scholarship. For us to continue doing this, we need to raise about $50,000 annually.

Would you consider partnering with us by providing a monthly gift to help current and future students of the Talbot program at KTS?

To give, go to Give to Talbot Kyiv.