A new name, a new look and a new editor.

Sundoulos served us well for many years. But not everyone knew what the term “sundoulos” meant. As much as I like Greek, that is the danger of quoting it in your sermons, Bible studies and magazine names. “Sundoulos” is a fellow servant, and our intent is to be just that. We want to continue to serve you in the ministries where God has called you.

The new name should not come as a surprise. It was inspired, in part, by its counterpart, the award-winning Biola Magazine. Talbot magazine is the communication piece of Talbot School of Theology.

The new look comes from the talents of Jason Newell (creative director in Biola’s University Communications and Marketing department) and the skills of graphic designer Terilyn Wassell. I am grateful for their help in this redesign.

I am also happy to introduce you to the new editor, Ashish Naidu. Ashish joined the faculty in 2006 and teaches in the Department of Theology. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation at Aberdeen University on the Christology of John Chrysostom. It was published in the Princeton Theological Monograph series under the title Transformed in Christ: Christology and the Christian Life in John Chrysostom (Pickwick, 2012). Our students at Talbot appreciate Ashish as a great teacher in their systematic theology and historical theology classes. I have learned that he also has skill as an editor.

But Ashish is not working alone at this endeavor. Talbot magazine now has an editorial board. Joining Ashish, Jason Newell and Terilyn Wassell on the board is current Talbot master’s (New Testament) student, Lara Hurlburt (Office of Alumni); Jeanette Hagen (Department of New Testament); and Daniel Kim (Department of Old Testament). Much of their work stands behind the pages you will read.

We plan to provide you with content you will find interesting and helpful. We will always have two feature articles that engage relevant topics in ministry, biblical interpretation or cultural issues. We have had many new faculty join Talbot. We will introduce them to you — and update you on those who have been around for a while — through a faculty Q&A page in each issue. We will also profile one of you — our alumni — in each issue. The stories of God at work in your lives and ministries are amazing and inspiring to us. Of course, we will keep you on top of Talbot news and alumni news.

We hope you enjoy the redesigned Talbot magazine!