I am excited to let you know that my newest book, How to Live an ‘In Christ’ Life: 100 Devotional Readings on Union with Christ has just been released in both print and electronic formats. Each chapter is exactly two pages long, and is packed full of analogies and illustrations to connect the Bible to daily life. I keep telling people that this is the book I want my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren eventually to read. Here is the back-cover description:

Everywhere we look in the letters of Paul we encounter the phrase "in Christ." But how many of us know why the Apostle Paul uses this expression—or ones like it—over and over again in his letters? What is so important about being in Christ? Is it possible that when Paul talks about inChristness, he is handing us a set of keys that will open up his letters and reveal what is most essential to living the Christian life? In these 100 devotionals, we discover why inChristness is so important and how to live an "in Christ" life.

Let me suggest four ways you can use this book:

  1. Read these short devotionals on your own to help you grow in Christ. Prayerfully read one or more a day. You can read them in any order you desire.
  2. Use this book for family devotions, say, at the dinner table, or for couple devotions. Each reading will take about four minutes to read aloud.
  3. Read this book with your small group. Use the Questions for Review in the back of the book to guide your group discussion. One option is to encourage everyone in your group to read the same portion—say, 5-10 readings during the week—and then come together to discuss what you’ve read. Alternately, these devotionals are short enough that you can meet with no preparation, assign someone in your group to read aloud one devotional, and then together discuss the corresponding questions. Read and discuss as many as your time allows.
  4. Lead your church through a series called 50 Days ‘In Christ’ (7 weeks) or 100 Days ‘In Christ’ (14 weeks). Encourage your life groups to read and discuss the book. Preach and teach through passages that are saturated with ‘in Christ’ language, like Ephesians 1 or Romans 8. Make every effort to help everyone in your congregation learn how to live an ‘in Christ’ life!

"In Christ" language in the letters of the Apostle Paul intersects with almost every aspect of Christian living. I hope that your life is as deeply impacted from reading this book as mine has been from writing it. May you truly come to know How to Live an ‘In Christ’ Life.

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