My wife Trudi and I spoke for a parenting seminar this past weekend.  We offered 14 “tips” for nurturing the spiritual lives of one’s children.  I’ve included the 14 teaching points here for your own consideration.  Our prayer is that many parents will take on the call to intentionally train their children in the ways of the Lord.

If you want your children to grow up to be passionate followers of Christ…

  1. Live your faith out in front of them.  You yourself need to be willing to grow into what you hope they will become.
  2. Be ready for life’s teachable moments.
  3. Talk about your faith in Christ all the time.  But pull—don’t push.
  4. Turn down the media to a lower “volume.”
  5. Serve together.
  6. Enable your children when they show interest.  Make tools available.
  7. Read to them.[1]  
  8. Give time when they ask for it—and even when they don’t.
  9. Teach your children through the way you pray.  Actually pray when you take a prayer posture.[2]
  10. Instill a vision for the world.
  11. Warn your kids about professing Christians who don’t live like they’re Christians.
  12. Write notes.
  13. Hang out with passionate people as a family.
  14. Plan to make your holidays and celebrations spiritually meaningful.

Do you have something to add to this list?  How can we nurture the spiritual lives of our children?

[1] The Trailblazer series of books is a great series for kids in elementary school.

[2] Click HERE and HERE for more on this.