Here’s a great electronic resource that you can use to introduce people to Jesus during this Christmas season.

These brand new video clips (the playlist links them together) are entitled:

Christmas as it Really Happened…Maybe

Robert Bishop, senior pastor at Whittier Hills Baptist Church and adjunct professor at Talbot/Biola, put together this series of short talks to hand out to the many guests who are sure to show up at Whittier Hills during the Sundays leading up to Christmas. Feel free to link to these videos as a way to introduce your friends to Jesus.

Click here for the link.

Here are the titles (with the length of each talk in parenthesis):

Intro: Christmas as it Really Happened…Maybe (1:40)

Part 1: How Did We Get Here? (10:10)

Part 2: The Long Journey Down (5:02)

Part 3: Teenage Heroes (2:19)

Part 4: An Ordinary God (3:02)

Part 5: Honoring the Marginalized (3:20)

Part 6: The Long Shadow (2:28)

Part 7: The Response of the Wise (6:03)

Part 8: Making it Meaningful (5:17)

Thanks so much to Brian and Gilbert Lemos for their hard work in making these videos a reality.