After a year online, the Woven Conference will return as an in-person event on campus Friday, April 1, 2022 from 7 to 9 p.m.

“We are excited to be back in person this year,” said marketing professor Laureen Mgrdichian. “Our speakers this year are Helen Mitchell and Grace Samson-Song, and we also have a former student, Sierra McCoy, sharing her career journey since graduation. They will bring a fresh perspective on navigating the workplace environment in today's climate.”

Woven is an annual opportunity to hear from Christian women who have risen in the ranks of their chosen field and how they’ve witnessed God’s work in their lives. The keynote speakers have a desire to encourage the next generation of women entering the workforce. Founded six years ago by Mgrdichian, it has also been a place for established working women to come and be encouraged and refreshed.

“The whole intent of the conference is to encourage women in God’s Word, in their walk with the Lord and in the workplace,” said Mgridichian. “The workplace is where God has placed them, to worship Him in their work, to be salt and light to those around them and to love those they encounter.

The major change for 2022 is moving Woven to Friday night.

“Woven used to be a Saturday morning event,” said Mgrdichian. “But we are meeting Friday night this year to help free up students’ weekend schedules. We have been drawing more students, so again this year it is free for all students. But even though we’ve moved the day, our speaker format and speaker panel will be similar to past conferences, and our intent is the same: to encourage women in the workplace and in their walk with the Lord,” said Mgrdichian.

Alumna Madeleine Prater (‘21, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) attended the 2021 conference as a student.

"I was especially struck by the women’s hearts for serving others, whether it was for shepherding or for missions,” said Prater. “Hearing from these incredible women was both encouraging and helpful. They shared their stories with sincerity and with a true desire to help others.”


Grace Samson-Song is a global executive coach, speaker and author. She is the Founder of The Maximize Group LLC, an international training and coaching company which focuses on helping clients navigate personal and professional transitions through identifying and eliminating what no longer serves their current stage of life or career. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of the Lausanne Movement, a worldwide organization that connects global influencers and ideas for global mission.

Helen M. Mitchell is an ethics and leadership professor in the Crowell School of Business, and is the Director of the Talbot Center for Faith, Work & Economics at the Talbot School of Theology, working with churches and pastors on faith and work integration. She is also a certified leadership and strategy coach, speaker, author, a faculty member for Professional Christian Coaching Institute and oversees the leader learning initiative for Convene Corp.

Tickets for this event are $10 for Staff and Faculty and $20 for Guests. Admission is free for students but registration is requested. The event is Friday, April 1, 2022 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Biola University’s Andrews Banquet Room [Talbot East Plaza 11].

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