Just a few years after becoming a Christian at age 15, Biola University professor of finance Dr. Shane Enete discovered his passion for finance and investing. Now, more than a decade of experience and research later, Enete is utilizing his work as an investment research professional with large asset managers and financial wealth management to influence the church on how to steward finances wisely.

“As I grew in my knowledge of managing money, it seemed like my two loves were in conflict with each other, given that the Bible includes so many warnings about wealth,” said Enete. “While money is dangerous, learning to wisely steward God’s money seemed like a worthy endeavor.”

Enete’s new book, Whole Heart Finances, aims to help others do just that — steward God’s money wisely and one’s attitude surrounding money. Enete teaches these concepts in the Personal Financial Planning program in the Crowell School of Business. Through his book, he is now sharing his wisdom widely with a step-by-step approach to help Christians transform their views toward finances and learn to manage them in a God-honoring way. He walks readers through how to invite Jesus into their financial life, create a budget that actually works, raise credit scores, eliminate debt, and achieve goals for giving, saving and investing. In addition to the book, there is an online, visual, four-course study to accompany it with helpful videos, graphics and questions that can be completed alongside the reading.

“A financial plan is actually a tool for drawing closer to Jesus since you can have more intention and ambition with a financial plan than without one,” said Enete. “Jesus is both spiritual and material and we are in him in such a way that our material/financial life is deeply a part of our spiritual journey.”

Enete notes that there are over 2,100 verses in the Bible about money and possessions, therefore there is a heavy relation between our hearts, God and money. One of the ways this is expressed is through giving, a major section covered in his book explaining how generosity restores our relationship with God and finances.

“God’s heart is obsessed with sharing and being generous,” Enete said. “As we express our riches in generosity, given to us by Jesus becoming poor so that we might become rich in his generosity (2 Cor. 8:9), we experience the grace of the Gospel and show off God’s generous heart to the nations, which draws us (and many others) closer to him.”

Enete’s heart behind the book is for people to see the great opportunity they have to worship Jesus through their roles as stewards of God’s resources.

“Our intention should be to love Jesus more,” Enete said. “One of the best ways to do this is to imitate his great generosity through seeking to ‘excel in the grace of giving’ as Paul argues. To excel in giving is best done with a financial plan. It does not just happen.”

Whole Heart Finances is available for purchase at major book retailers and Amazon.

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